A client/patron relationship for podcasts and games?

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I’m trying something a little different for me. It’s something I’ve not really thought about in depth before yesterday when a huge conversation started by Jason Morningstar on G+ brought the modern client/patron model into focus for me. Lots of people were for it. Lots of people were against it. A few just didn’t weigh in on either side.

I gave it a lot of thought and decided that I’m interested in experimenting with it. In that line, I’ve just launched a Patreon account to sponsor my bi-weekly podcast, Indie Talks and to help out with the occasional small box game release.

The basics of this goes like this. If you like what I do with the podcast, you agree to pay me some amount of money in exchange for my creating content. There are levels where you gain certain rewards for doing so too. In fact, at the entry level of this, $1 a podcast (or between $2-$4 a month) you’ll get access to my complete back catalog of digital content. RPG and board game stuff as PDFs. You’ll also get exclusive updates and more. There are higher levels as well which net you more involvement and physical copies of new games as they arrive.

I’m really interested to see how this unfolds. Or if this unfolds at all. The way I see it, there are some pretty big plusses to this model.

With just a few patrons, I can continue to produce Indie Talks and actually improve the podcast. This aim is towards better equipment and better being able to justify my time creating the show from soup to nuts. It also means I can stop the near constant search for sponsors and produce this show add-free. Then there’s the ability to hire talented people to help with the games, the podcast and everything associated with them.

I’ll report back on the progress at some time in the near future.

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