Kick The Box November 4th Edition

Kick The Box

November 4th Edition

Busy week this week. In case you missed it, my review of the Kickstarter version of Canterbury is live. You can find it here in case you missed it. According to an update by Mark Hingle, the Kickstarter version of Elemental Blast should be on my doorstep any day now. As soon as I receive it and get a couple of games under my belt, I’ll have a review wrote up for it.  I also have my copy of Dark, Darker, Darkest from Kickstarter sitting on my shelves ready to play. Hoping to get some table time with it this coming weekend and have a review wrote up for it in a couple of weeks.

Updates: There is only a couple of days left for Mars Attacks – The Miniatures GamesDawn: Rise of the Occulites and the 2014 Gaming Calendar. Check out all of these hot items before it  is too late. Now for this week’s picks:

Pixel Glory

Project by: Frank Alberts

There has been a huge resurgence of pixel style artwork in both video and tabletop games, and I’m quite alright with that. 

Pixel Glory uses this style to build an auction, dungeon delving, deck building game. This three attack combo is a knockout. There are two phases to the game. The first phase comprises of players trying to outbid one another for spells and elemental essences(spell resources) to use in their next dungeon delving adventure together.

The second phase consists of the actual dungeon exploration itself. Being that all of you have an infatuation with fame, and driven by this intense need to be the most famous wizard, all of you trek into the dungeon together, trying to bag the most monsters. The catch is, that whoever gets the last hit on a monster gets the kill count and the fame that is associated with it. And that is where the strategy comes in. When to sandbag and when to try to steal a kill from a competing rival friend.

Do you come home as the most famous wizard of the land? Or do you even come home?

US shipping included. Shipping outside of the US varies from $20-$30 add on depending on pledge level.

Cthulhu Rises

Project by: Gil Luna

Looking for that extra atmospheric ambiance  for your Cthulhu RPG or board game? Or need a little extra atmosphere for a fantasy setting? 

Both can be found right here. With the stretch goals as they stand you will receive 90 minutes of music for the Cthulhu Rises soundtrack and all three soundtrack from the Fantasy Collection. That would be an extra thirteen tracks at 10 minutes a piece, so another 130 minutes of music. The more backers that jump in, the more music will be added to the Cthulhu Rises soundtrack. Click on the banner for sound examples of both the fantasy and Cthulhu soundtracks on their Kickstarter homepage.


Project by: Andy Kitkowski

Ryuutama is finally ready for the town market!One of the things I have been a fan of longer than gaming is anime. I was not even aware of this anime style RPG  til now and am excited to see it being translated into English. The artwork alone is amazing.

The definition of Ryuutama is ‘Dragon’s Egg’. Ryuutama is a Role Playing Game set in a world based on western fantasy. The premise of this RPG is that every person in the world of Ryuutama will go upon an adventure. This is widely accepted and  family, friends, and co-workers understand, and will help them prepare for the journey. The character you create is not a powerful wizard, warrior, or thief, but is a normal everyday person. The character classes are Minstrel, Merchant, Healer, Hunter, Artisan, Farmer, and Noble. Each class has a few simple abilities and can be a fighting, technical, or magic-using character depending on the player’s choice.

The GM also has a special character call the “Ryuujin” or “Dragon Person” This character remains out of sight of the adventurers most of the time, but can come and help from time to time.

I love the premise that the focus is adventuring and exploring, more so, than fighting.

Shipping within the US included. Shipping internationally is discussed in the latest Kickstarter update and at the moment the cost is set at $40 add on.

Location Cards

Project by: Stephen Coffey

Click to view secret.This is a superb idea! Two decks of playing cards, each card in the two decks has their own unique location, detailing it’s structure, inhabitants, treasures, and dangers. Also, each card contains a plot twist or secret, as it is referred to, that could help jump start a story if your stuck. They could be used by anyone when the crippling ‘writer’s block’ strikes to help undam the imagination juices. The design of the cards allows you to draw up to five cards and combine their traits to produce millions of different locales for your story. And they can be used as a standard deck of playing cards.

That’s it for this week. Keep an eye out for next week’s Kick The Box and upcoming reviews. And as always . . .

Spread The Addiction!

Shipping in US and UK is included. Shipping internationally has their own separate pledge levels.

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