Kick The Box Oct 28th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Oct. 28th Edition

G’day fellow Kickstarter enthusiasts! Welcome to the last week in October edition of Kick The Box. This week we have a new established company entering into the Kickstarter craze, and Dice Hate Me Games newest tabletop game on Kickstarter which has already been funded, plus a couple of companies that are not only new, but new to Kickstarter with some amazing merchandise. This week, we have a bonus feature at the bottom of the page, so let’s kick out the latest updates, and roll onto this week’s picks.

 Update: Hurry and join the already funded card game Star Realms as it’s entering the last week of it’s campaign for some Stretch Goal Goodies! Also, the card game Novus is entering it’s last couple days of it’s Kickstarter campaign with some new Stretch Goals added! If you’ve been on the fence about either, now is the time to get off, or jump over it.

Shadows of Brimstone

Project by: Flying Frog Productions

Mix some classic Old Western archetypes with some Lovecraftian-inspired Other World Creatures in a cooperative dungeon crawl and what do you get? Why, Flying Frog’s newest game Shadows of Brimstone, of course.

Even though Flying Frog is no stranger to pushing the envelope when it comes to grand game designs with games like Fortune & Glory and A Touch of Evil, they are, however,  new to Kickstarter.

This is their first foray into the tabletop craze on Kickstarter, but you wouldn’t know it by the amount they have already surpassed their funding goal by. In the first five days of the campaign, they have already crushed their pledge goal level by over $360,000! And there is still twenty-two days left in the campaign.

So, create your continuous character, grab your six shooters, and join the other 1,400+ backers in an Old West adventure of a lifetime!

Shipping in US included. International shipping is $25-$40 depending on the pledge level.

Effortless Toolset For Complete RPG Immersion (

Project by:Brian A.C.

Questkick is a new HTML based toolkit designed by Brian to help both GM’s and Players become more immersed into their gaming worlds. His goal is for both, players and GMs, is to be able to use the website on any mobile device, making it easier to track all the game notes for NPCs, locations, and quest details. Also, to include mini-maps on the screen, reducing the amount of time needed to flip between maps and other notes, and of course sharing all this information either, with all the players, or specific players in your group with a touch of a button. Add an easy to use embedded dice rolling with modifiers application, dynamic soundtracks, and much more, and you have an all in one stop shopping center for help in creating and running campaigns.

This toolkit would become a must have for any GM-Ran Campaign and his participants.

 Brew Crafters

Project by: Dice Hate Me Games

Why just drink beer while gaming? When you can be drinking beer AND building the best brewery in town!?

Check out Dice Hate Me Game’s new game Brew Crafters on Kickstarter now, and that’s exactly what you could be doing. You would be playing a heavily influenced Euro game with an original American theme. Place your workers, chose your recipes of beer, gather hops and other resources for your recipes of choice, upgrade your brewery and equipment, research new methods that improve your manufacturing and beverages, and hire skilled workers with special abilities to help increase the efficiency of your brewery. As with any good worker placement game, there are so many valuable choices, and not enough time to use them all.

Can you grow your business to be the best reputable brewery in a short three years time when the final judgment of best local brewery is honored? Now is the time to find out.

One pledge level for shipping within the US, and another for International shipping.

Spell Saga

Project by: French Toast Gaming Co.

Tired of staring at a screen all day? In the mood to relax and get a little tabletop RPG gametime in but everyone is busy? Than the game Spell Saga  could be the answer to your problems. Yes, there are plenty of cooperative games that you can break out and play solo, but some of the setup times are a little long, especially if your setting them up by yourself. Spell Saga is designed as a RPG single player game.  It’s easy and quick to setup.

You play as The Last Minstrel searching for an answer to a world that has past it’s ending. Even though the major plot stays the same in Spell Saga, the path through the plot points and whether or not you survive changes with each game played.

If your not sure whether a single player game is for you, then head over to French Toast Gaming Co.’s first Kickstarter page and download a demo Print n Play version of the game with it’s rulebook and take the game for a spin yourself.

US shipping only. There are International Pledge Levels as well.

Publish James Carling Illustrations of Poe’s “The Raven”

Project by: Poe Foundation Inc.

Even though I have personally backed Poe Foundation Inc.’s project at the $75 pledge level for a copy of the book and two copies of The Incredible Mr. Poe: Edgar Allan Poe in Comics, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include it in my weekly article or not since it doesn’t fall into the tabletop game or game accessory category. BUT, I think it is safe to say, that most of us would be interested in helping the Poe Foundation reach their pledge level, so I have decided to include it as a bonus to my article this week. Besides, it’s my article and I can choose to bend or break whatever rules I have imposed upon myself, whenever the convenience may strike.

Enough about my inner debate and turmoil, and on with the subject of it’s creation.

No one can deny Edgar Allan Poe’s immortal influence on the literature culture  for the last 200 years. The bountiful amount of daily pop culture reference’s aside, Poe was also an idol to the grandfather of horror, H.P. Lovecraft. Without, Poe, I believe there would be no Lovecraft and I couldn’t imagine  living in an alternate universe where neither of them nor their literature existed.

James Carling is a famous sidewalk street artist of the early 1800’s. His greatest achievement was his artwork depicting Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem The Raven line by line. These drawings were selected this year as one of Virginia’s Top ten Most Endangered Artifacts by the Virginia Association of Museums, and the Poe Museum has taken upon themselves to try to raise the funds needed to preserve and publish a coffee table style book of Carling’s paintings.

If your table is in need of a new book to show your appreciation of one of America’s most beloved and iconic authors, or you just want to help Poe Foundation with a small donation, there is still a little less than three weeks left of their Kickstarter campaign to show your support and appreciation of all things Poe.

US shipping is included. Add $5 for international shipping.

Thanks again for stopping by and will see you next week as we officially enter into the winter months. Keep on kicking it and as always . . .

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