Kick The Box Oct. 21st 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Oct. 21st Edition

Welcome to another edition of Kick The Box. This week, like every week, I’ve taken the liberty of rooting around the underbelly of Kickstarter, searching for the newest tabletop games and accessories so you don’t have to. Here’s this week’s picks.

Update: 2014 Gaming Calendar has added major Tabletop Game Conventions dates and Scott has also added a new fantastic shot of the classic board game Pandemic which will be added to his calendar.

World’s First 3D Metal And Mechanized Playing Cards

Project by Dale Mathis

I’ll just wait til you get back.

Welcome back. Yeah, I figured you left me to check out those amazing playing cards that Dale Mathis created, and I don’t blame ya one bit. Couple those with the frames that he also has on the Kickstarter campaign, and your looking at an absolutely amazing piece of moving art.

Nothing more to say here, the picture and link says it all.

Shipping within the US is included, international shipping varies with pledge level.

 <Firewall> (roll,control,repeat) Hack The Planet!

Project by Sarcastic Robot

A new mainframe with the most advanced unhackable program security has just came online.You have decided that your name is going into the history books as the first to hack it! Unfortunately, there are a several hackers who are after the same lights on the marquee board.

<Firewall> is a two to eight player dice rolling and area control game. You roll custom dice representing different levels of programs, backdoors, and spikes, then place them on one of the four ports of the small game board. Your goal is to control the most ports of the mainframe as your opponents try to do the same.

Even though the theme is computer and hacking,  it is not necessary to be knowledgeable about hacking or computers in order to enjoy the game. A short explanation of the dice and their abilities, and you are ready to game!

Shipping with the US is included. Shipping outside of the US ranges from $5 to $50 depending upon your pledge level.

Journey: Wrath of Demons

Project by Marrow Production

There are a lot of spectacular cooperative miniatures board games vying for your attention with fantasy, sci-fi, and zombie themes, but Journey: Wrath of Demons draws it’s inspiration from a different source:  A Chinese literary classic fantasy novel written by Wu Cheng’en, Journey to the West.

Become one of the four Pilgrims to accept the challenge of banishing the evil demons and reseal them back into the Underworld. Can you and your comrades band together to defeat the Bull Demon King and acquire the lost sacred scripture needed to restore peace and tranquility back to Mother Earth? There is only one way to find out.

 From the game board to the miniatures, everything about this game is beautiful. I can’t wait to see the final production in my hands.

With over a month still left to ride out it’s campaign, this game has already doubled it’s pledge goal of $55,000 worth of pledges with no sign of slowing down.

This looks like a must have for any gamer, especially if your a cooperative game lover.

Shipping within the US is included. Shipping outside the US, depends on the pledge level, ranging from $10 to $45.

Run, Fight, or Die!

Project by Jason Maxwell

I can only imagine this next combination of designer and publisher being nothing but a win win situation for us gaming hobbyists.  Run, Fight, or Die is a collaborative work by Arkham Horror Designer Richard Launix  and Agent of SMERSH‘s publisher, Jason Maxwell.

After R,F,orD’s Kickstarter campaign is over, this will be Jason’s fifth successful Kickstarter campaign. The reason I say this with such confidence, even though the campaign was just launched a little over a week ago, is because it is already fully funded. Not only is it fully funded, but it’s already been Maxwell’s most successful Kickstarter with a pledge gross of $67,000 as of the writing and still going strong.

R,F, or D is a competitive zombie survival horror game. The goal is to grab a certain amount of survivors and get the hell out of there! The first person to do so, wins. The game plays in a quick 30-60 minutes and can house up to 6 players. How can you go wrong with a quick setup, easy to explain, fast paced, zombie themed dice and card game with some great looking miniatures?

Shipping within the US is included. Shipping everywhere else around the world varies depending on the country and pledge level. Check the pledge level that you are interested in to learn more.

Thanks again for tuning in to another week of Kick The Box, where I crawl on my hands and knees looking for the best that Kickstarter has to offer, so you don’t have to!

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