Losing at Board Games: A Love Letter to Game Enthusiasts

Photo: Jon Beall
Photo: Jon Beall

For this edition of Losing at Board Games I want to talk about sites that I frequent, writers that I read, game reviews that I watch.  Any game columnist, myself included, typically reads quite a bit about the hobby.

When it comes time to make game purchases, there are some reviewers whose endorsements prompt me to immediately add a game on my wishlist.  As a result, my wishlist is quite long.  I won’t discuss how many games I own, because to put a number on it invites the Political Mastermind to say “that’s enough games”.

And it isn’t.  It is never enough games.

There’s a Troll in Your Corner

You didn’t think I would start with anything else, did you? Troll In the Corner is the very site you’re reading right now!  Wow!
I’m going to take a minute and let that awesomeness sink in.  While you are ruminating on the vastness of the Troll resource, enjoy this photo:

heartninjaWho came up with such a great idea for a game?  I’m glad you asked.  It is the mastermind behind Troll madness… Ben Gerber.

Yup.  That Ben Gerber.  And he’s written some pretty compelling stuff.  Recently, I’ve been enjoying his series on game design.  You can find an example here.  Did you click the link?  You need to.  I came to that article for the Gandolf reference.  I stayed for the well-written column.

So of course Ben has some great stuff on this site.  But imagine my happiness that John Pappas is also writing for Troll.

Who is John Pappas?

I’m glad you asked.  John is a librarian with a flower in his hair.  Or at least that’s how I know him from Google+.  He may be the greatest librarian of all time.  Why?  Because he uses his position to unlease awesome games on his community.  You can read his latest article here.  Seriously, you’ve gotta read what this guy writes.

Can You Suggest Some Other Writers?  Troll is great, but it isn’t the only site on the interwebs.

Okay.  You convinced me.

1) Board Stiff, a must-read column by Tiffany Ralph.  You may have noticed that I like conversational writing.  (You did notice, right?) Well, she does conversational writing extremely well, and she has started doing video reviews as well.

2)Father Geek.  Not all writing should be irreverant.  Sometimes I need a dose of solid thorough game reviews.  This is one of the first places I turn.

3) For a blog about only one game: Tales from the Cards is my primary resource for reading about the Lord of the Rings LCG.  Considering playing?  Already play?  This site is a must-read.

Are there any sites I should check out that you assume I’m already visiting?

Yes, as a matter of fact, there are.

1)Tabletop.  This is a juggernaut of a show, and some hard core gamers think it isn’t detailed enough.  I understand that criticism, but it is the only show that is entertaining enough that the Political Mastermind doesn’t mind watching with me.  It is humorous and riveting, and friendly to non-gamers.

2)Shut Up & Sit Down.  Want to be hard core?  Abbreviate it as SU&SD.  Want to laugh?  Watch this show.

Any others?

Yep.  Here are a couple more to check out:

3) The Cardboard Republic.  This site is a treasure-trove of reviews and game writing.  The advice is reliable, even though their most recent column is a defense of Monopoly.  Oh wait.  I’ve also defended Monopoly in this column.  So I guess that’s okay.

4) Starlit Citadel.  Yes, they are Canadian.  Yes they are entertaining.  Yes you should bookmark their site.

Hopefully this post gave you the impression that I wanted to shamelessly plug game writers I enjoy. Because that’s what I did.

I’ll return to my ramblings about board games soon, but in the meantime if you want to learn about other game sites, follow me @jonroastscoffee.  There you will find me shamelessly re-tweeting favorite columns I read while on the train.



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