Kick The Box Oct.14th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Oct. 14th Edition

Welcome back to another Kick The Box Monday. This week we have some Kingdom Building, a new website that is trying to get it’s foot into the Internet door, and some other futuristic goodies.

Updates: Ninja Dice still has two weeks left in it’s campaign and is already 17% over it’s funding goal. If dice rolling is your thing (who’s isn’t it?), than, if you haven’t already, creep over to their Kickstarter page, and help slice through the remaining stretch goals. Warboard has a week left in it’s campaign, as well, and is fully funded. Miniature Gamers now is your chance to possess a beautiful set of gaming boards.

Castle Rising

Project by: Lost Games Entertainment LTD.

Castle Rising Overview

Castle Rising is  a three to six player strategic and economic board game. Your goal is to create the most prosperous Kingdom and achieve the most Victory Points by the end of the game. You achieve this victory by sending your peasants and rangers out to collect the necessary resources. Your knights are placed on the board in an attempt to accumulate ‘Battle Tokens’ which are used to help score victory points at the end of the game.

The gold you have acquired can be used during a bidding phase to acquire more resources. And with the resources collected, you build units and buildings for their special abilities and victory points. With a little bit of lady luck on your side and a lot of strategic building and planning, you can take your Empire to new heights and become the most prosperous Kingdom in the land.

Shipping in the UK is included and anyone shipping outside of the UK will need to add £15.

Tavern Keeper

Project by: TavernKeeper

The next step in evolutionary tabletop gaming has found it’s way to Kickstarter. Tavern Keeper wants to become the ‘go to’ website  for you when it comes to building dynamic character sheets for RPG’s. The first system they are going to make compatible with their website is the FATE Core system. The Tavern Keeper team also wants to build a House Rules Manager that will allow GM’s to create rule-sets, add skills/abilities/gear, and anything else to their campaigns.

Some of the Tavern Keeper’s systems, such as the Character Sheet Forms, and the Dynamic Fate Character Sheets, will be free to everyone. Others, such as the Dynamic Character Sheet Calculator will be available with a one time, small fee. Or, you can become a monthly subscriber and have the ability to use all of those systems, and the House Rules Manager.

What I’ve mentioned is just a tip of the iceberg of what the people behind Tavern Keeper have high hopes of accomplishing and I strongly suggest you check out their Kickstarter.

For all of you GM’s and RPG enthusiasts, this is going to be an easy way to keep track of character’s stats and be able to print them up or use your tablet to easily upgrade your character as you play.


Project by: Zenion Games, Inc.

NOVUS Offiical Rulebook

The Space Lanes that connected the worlds to one another via space travel have collapsed. You were in transit when the Lanes collapsed and now find yourself, after ten long years, waking up from a cryogenic sleep. SOL introduces himself as your guide and explains the dire situation the planet your ship had crash landed on is in dire need of your assistance. You are a Controller and is being asked by your guide to take control of a Commander and put the wars that are ravishing the lands to rest, once and for all

Novus is a deck building game without the deck building. As soon as you tear open the box, you have decks built and ready to go. Now, all you need is a friend to take control of one of the Commanders with his/her faction, and you to control the other Commander with their faction, and settle the war once and for all. After you get a feel for the game, you can add the ‘building’ aspect of this deck building game, by adding/discarding neutral faction cards to complement your strategy, but faction specific cards stay with their Commanders.

Shipping is included in the US. Check the pledges for International shipping. It ranges from $15 to $25, depending on the pledge level.

2014 Gaming Calendar

Project by: Scott King

20 dice

Every year, I wait ’til the last minute to search for that perfect calendar with a ‘wow’ factor for my home office. Some years, it’s music based and others, it’s been movie or video games based. This year, with Scott’s and his backers help, it’s going to be different.

Scott wants to create a 12 month 2014 Gaming Calendar. Posted on his Kickstarter page are six examples of the black and white style of photography he’ll be using for the calendar, and I have to say they look great! Also,  any backer that pledges $5 or more will get a chance to submit their three favorite games and the most popular three will be added to the calendar. There are also pledges for custom canvas prints, and a chance for you to have Scott create a custom made 2015 calender for you also. So what are you waiting for? Get your calendar shopping done already and be ready for the next year. After all, it is just around the corner.

Shipping is included for the US and there is a pledge level for international shipping.

I just would like to take a second to thank everyone for stopping by, and to Ben and Brent for giving me a space in their world to dust off the keyboard and start writing again. Check back next week for the latest and greatest tabletop games and accessories Kickstarter has to offer and as always . . .

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