Ninja – Silent but Deadly the Ultimate Edition. Cheap, deadly, card stock.

Yesterday afternoon my proofs arrived from DriveThruCards and let me tell you, it was a wonderful thing. Finally, you can get not 10, not 20, but 30 ninja cards, including lots of You Lose cards, every card from the Even Silenter expansion and two brand new, never before printed or used in an assassination attempt cards! The best thing? While it doesn’t come with a lovingly and painstakingly designed box, it will only run you $4.99 plus $2.99 or so for ground shipping (in the US).

Become one with the Ninja!

Let’s consider this for a moment. That’s $3 less than the MSRP for Love Letter, you get 14 more cards, a tri-fold rules PDF for use at conventions, 2 cards NO ONE ELSE WILL GET and, you can conceivably play this game until the heat death of the Universe. Love Letter. Bah!

ninja ultimate

Ninjas! Their very name conjures images of black clad, highly trained assassins. Or pictures on the internet of a bunch of empty chairs with captions like “Ninja convention LOL”. Now, the mystique, the power, the meme can be yours to use as you see fit. What’s even cooler? Every time you share this post with someone, and they view the ninja above, they’ve just lost and you’ve just won! It’s like… like printing money, except the money is winning and winning can’t buy you anything!

I was just kidding about that love letter thing, seriously, I really love that game. Sorry Love Letter making people.

Assassination has never been so much fun!

Ninja – Silent but Deadly is more than just a game. It’s a prank delivery system. A tiny little piece of tabletop gaming art. A meta-game to be played in the background, silently, with ninja like skills.

There are several ways to use these cards and this game box that are listed here, and most likely a hundred more that have not been thought of yet. Here you’ll find four suggestions on how to use Ninja! – Silent but Deadly.

Ninja – Silent but Deadly Expansion: Even Silenter introduces 5 new cards to use with Ninja! Silent but Deadly!

Basic Ninja
You’ve gotten your gamer friend a gift! A brand new game called Ninja! The box looks promising but there’s not much in the way of description on it. When your friend opens the box, they’ll find… nothing! Just an empty box and their creeping sense of suspicion and indignation.

The next part is up to you. In an hour, a day, a week… even a month, one of the You Lose! cards originally included in the box will suddenly appear where your friend can easily find it. They’ve just lost at Ninja – Silent but Deadly!

Ninja Advance
Perfect for a game night, casual party or other social gatherings. In this meta-game all of the players are aware of Ninja! – Silent but Deadly. Hand out one “You Lost!” card to every player. Each player has until the end of the game session to slip their card somewhere where another player will be forced to find it. Amongst other cards of a game currently in play, in their chips or what have you. Be creative! When a ninja card it’s found by another player, that player is out.

Advanced Ninja Advance
Use the same setup as Ninja Advance, but with this twist. Players can accumulate more than one “You Lose!” card during the course of the event. They can also distribute more than one, should they have them. Again, be creative! The player with the least amount of You Lose cards at the end of the event wins. Cards cannot simply be thrown away, or put into a pocket. They must be distributed in a way that another player is sure to find them.

Hardcore Advanced Ninja Advance
The Ninja! – Silent but Deadly game that may never end. Distribute one “You Lose!” card to each player. Players may not give these cards to other players that day. Starting 24 hours after each player has received their cards, Hardcore Advanced Ninja Advance begins!

It is up to each player to get their “You Lose!” card to another player. It must be given to them in a way in which they won’t know it’s a “You Lose!” card until they are holding it in their hands. Wrap it up as a birthday present, include it in a seemingly still sealed CCG booster pack. Be creative in how you get it into their hands!

Points are awarded by the person who’s received the “You Lose!” card based on a scale include with the game.

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