Kick The Box Oct. 7 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Oct. 7th Edition

I’ve dug through the depths of Kickstarter, looking for the latest and greatest tabletop games available on Kickstarter. Sci-Fi seems to be the theme for games this week, and, well, coffee. Kick through the updates and see what you’re game collection is missing.

Updates:  RPG Gaming Table ended it’s campaign successfully funded this last week, as well as Fantasy Frontier, and Alien Uprising. Congratulations to all of those successfully ran campaigns!

Star Realms

Project by: Robert Dougherty

Been wondering what the Co-Founder of Ascension, Robert Dougherty has been up to? Than wonder no more because his latest creation is now running on Kickstarter. Star Realms is a deckbuilding LCG. There are four different factions to choose from. The goal is to obliterate your opponents faction by reducing your opponents score (authority) to zero.  The game looks easy to learn, but difficult to master. The artwork is gorgeous and fits the theme well. Not only is the game going to be released as a physical card game, but also will have a digital counterpart on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Star Realms has well over three weeks left in it’s Kickstarter campaign, and is almost already fully funded (Probably will be funded by the time I post this, and you get a chance to read it.). I see a lot of stretch goals in it’s future!

Free shipping within US and add $40 for shipments outside of the US.

 Mars Attacks

Project by: Mantic Games

Topps is looking to celebrate their Mars Attacks franchise’s 50th anniversary in a big way. They have teamed up with Mantic Games to produce a two player miniatures board game set in Greenville. This campaign is now running on Kickstarter and is blowing throw so many stretch goals in the three days it has been live, it is unreal. The pledge goal level is $50,000. In just three days, they are just a couple thousand shy of $230,ooo pledged! And for a good reason. The miniatures look great, and the board and accessories also look amazing.

So, hurry and grab your copy and either command the Martians on their take over of Earth, or control the humans, and help save humanity from their black days of demise.

Shipping is free to US and UK backers. EU backers need to add an additional $10 for shipping. Africa and South America must add $30 to their pledge levels, and all other international backers will need to add an additional $15 for their shipping.


Project by: Stephen Boyajian

I don’t know how I missed this one and really hadn’t heard anything about it unfortunately, because it does look interesting. The theme of the game is different from most and that is one of the things I find appealing about Expresso.  This reminds me of a board game version of the hit video game Diner Dash. There is a little over a week left in the campaign and they can still reach their measly goal of $6000 in that weeks time with some word of mouth advertisement.

Each barista is in charge of their own section of the expresso shop. They have a limited amount of actions and salary to try to fill their customer’s order. The object of the game is to be the first to achieve the goal of 15 points(tips) before your other competing baristas do. I think this is a great idea for a fun little 2-6 player, 30-45 minute filler game, and wish them success in achieving their goal.

Shipping in the US is free. Add $10 to ship to Canada, and $18 to ship International.

UFO Hunter

Project by: Mark Hanny

 In UFO Hunter, you are a researcher traveling the globe, hoping to be the first to collect enough evidence of UFO’s existence and prove to the world once and for all that they do exist.

Buying equipment to help you in your hunt, conducting research, and publishing rumors of new sightings are just a few of the things that make this game interesting. You can also put your money where your mouth is by placing stakes on a rumor to either lure your competitors to a bad rumor, or if it’s a good rumor, get a piece of  cut when it the rumor is discovered. Players also have a stable of contacts they can call on for help. Benefactors can also help you with financial issues. Aviators can help you travel farther , and Inventors can help by building you better detection equipment.

Thanks for stopping by every week  and checking out my little piece of grain of sand laying on the beach of the Internet. Return next week to see what I have thrown together in between watching the Seahawks take on the Titans, and trying to catch as many of the post season MLB games as possible. Go Red Sox! Until then, keep on keeping on and as always . . .

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