My card game Fools! is now available at DriveThruCards


I’m quite pleased to let you all know that my game Fools! can be purchased through DriveThruCards now as well as The Game Crafter.

There are a few differences although the game itself is the same. If you purchase this game through DTC you’ll pay $9.00 plus shipping (which for me has been $2.99 for USPS). The game does not come with a tuck box or printed instructions. DTC do not currently have the ability to print the boxes and do not have an option for printed instructions. You’ll save a bit of money with them though. The instructions are available as a PDF download.

TGC’s version does come with a tuck box and printed instructions (although they’ve done away with the longer format 2.5″ instruction booklet, so the instructions come as 2 pages of double sided 8.5″ x 11″ paper). You’ll pay $11.99 at TCG plus about $4 in shipping, depending on where you are.

Both versions will take a week or two to print and ship.


A quick, fun trick taking card game in the land of Fairy!

Fools! Is a fast paced and fun card game that can be played with 2-4 players in less than half an hour. Each player takes the part of a Fairy Lord who brings their vast host of fairies to a grand tourney held once a year.

Over the course of a day, many battles are fought in the Grand Tourney, giving individual fairies a chance to show their skills on the field of battle.

As a Fairy Lord, you will use all of your magic and power to fill your armies with the most powerful fairies. If you sometimes slip a poor little sprite (or even a fool) into your opponents army, or replace one of your brownies with a knight, well it’s not cheating if it’s done magically! But be careful for the Fairy Queens, Kings and Champions will not stand for any trickery!

At the end of every battle, you will be presented with the three fairies in your army who were the bravest and most impressive. If your three fairies are more impressive than your opponents, you’ve scored a victory point! After all, it’s not the actual battle that counts in the Realm of Fairy, it’s the style and cunning it’s fought with that counts.

Each player draws a small ‘army’ of 3 face down cards and a hand of three cards. The army cards represent those fairies who will distinguish themselves in battle. Your hand represents fairies and fools you can use to hinder your opponents or strengthen your own army.

Cards can be played as Standard Bearers, some with special effects. Players are then required to replace a card in their opponent’s army with one from their hand. They may then replace a card in their own army with one from their hand. Through this all, their army cards remain hidden from everyone.

At the end of each turn, your hand is discarded and your army cards are revealed. Points are added up and the highest score wins the turn.

2 player games play to 5 points, 3 players to 4 points and 4 players to three points.

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