Kick The Box Sept. 23rd 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Sept. 23rd Edition

Another week, and another round of games that are currently available for funding on Kickstarter have been selected to be featured in this week’s edition of Kick The Box! We have quite a variety of games this week, ranging from a simple filler dice game, to a new miniatures game with a twist and a couple in between. Let’s kick things off with the updates.

Update: Planet Defiant: Onslaught of Vanas  has relaunched and already 98% funded! Warlords & Sellswords has been relaunched as well and is also over a third of it’s needed funding! Look for my upcoming preview of the latter later in the week.

404: Law Not Found

Project by: 3DTotalGames

You are a robot aboard the starship, Clarion, happily obeying the three rules that help you serve humankind. One day, a new batch of  the latest and greatest microchips arrive for you and your robot companions. Ecstatic about your upgraded chip and new abilities, you return back to work only to find out that the three laws have been replaced with new directives.

Your goal now is to keep these directives hidden from other players and be the first to complete them before the tenth turn expires. The randomness of he ‘End of Turn’ events occurring on the ship, the other players trying to complete their directives, the scientists trying to deal with each  random event, and the monkeys . . .  Yes this game even has monkeys!  Will not only create some  laughs, but will also keep the evolving puzzle mechanic of the game constantly changing your strategy.

This is a medium weight game for 2-6 players that is suppose to be playable in an hour.

Shipping is included for US and EU. Include  £15 for international shipping.

Golem Arcana

Project by: Harebrained Schemes LLC

PROOF-OF-CONCEPT Gameplay prototype is subject to change.

Miniature skirmishes could get a lot easier if Harebrained Schemes gets their way. Golem Arcana is a miniatures game with all the record keeping done on your tablet or phone. All the information is at your fingertips with instant feedback about moves and attacks. The gameplay combines the fun and strategy of miniature play with the convenience of a video game interface. They have a lot of interesting stretch goals that I would love to see met, including skirmishing across the internet with your figures set up at your house, and your friend’s figures at his house, augmented reality, and much, much more. The game comes with pre-painted miniatures, or if you prefer to paint your own, than you can order them not painted.

Shipping within the US is free and add $25 to ship internationally.

Ninja Dice

Project by: Jeff Garcia: Greenbrier Games

I love original concept filler games. Easy to pack around, easy to learn and play.  Ninja Dice has you rolling dice to try to break into a house and steal the treasure. After three rounds the player with the most treasure wins!

You do this by rolling the house dice to see what challenges you have to overcome. Than you roll your ninja dice and each of your opponents receives a threat dice that they get to roll at the same time as you. Not only does it matter what you roll, but it also matters where they land! (Check out their gameplay video for a more in depth look) The threat dice have three different abilities. The hourglass, which if four of those get rolled during your turn, than too much time had passed and you don’t collect any of the treasure. An arrow and a block is also on the threat dice. The arrow gives the ability for the player that rolled it, to attack you or each other and steal the treasure, while block cancels that ability.

You can reroll any of your ninja dice, but remember, this gives your opponents the ability to reroll their threat dice!

Push your luck and become the wealthiest ninja alive!

There are international shipping pledge levels and US shipping is included.

The Offensive Band Name Generator

Project by: Robert Burke

Grab a nice cold beverage (or a room temperature one, if preferred) and prepare to laugh your arse off as you and your friends come up with silly and/or offensive band names. If you and your friends are music fans and aren’t easily offended, than this is the party game for you!

You choose a category and than each person, using their randomly drawn cards, create the best fake band name that fits the category.

Everyone raises their horns into the air and on the count of three, everyone points at the person they thought had the best band name. The winner or winners of that round get to keep one card as a point. There are two bonus rounds that use the album covers and you have to come up with the best band name and album name that fits the randomly drawn album cover. The player with the most points after twenty rounds wins!

This concludes this week’s edition of Kick The Box. Come back next week as we we kick around the next round of games. And be sure to tune in later this week as I have a special preview of Sellswords & Warlords in the works.

Thanks again for joining me this week and ‘Keep on Kickin’ It’

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