Kick The Box Sept. 16th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Sept. 16th Edition

Welcome to another weekly installment of Kick The Box, where I search high and low for the grandest games on Kickstarter, so you don’t have to. This week we have Mob Bosses, Airships, Aliens, and Museums! Oh My!

Updates: Incredible Expeditions not only finished up it’s campaign completely funded, but also with every stretch goal smashed! Congratulations Liz on a very well ran campaign!

Fantasy Frontier

Project by: Gamelyn Games

Race about the world in your airship, attempting to score victory points by charting undiscovered lands, gathering resources, building new colonies, or by engaging in combat with other airships.  This game has some interesting worker placement mechanics with a puzzle/hexagon tile placement mechanic that should give the game a high replay value.  You can score victory points by completing and flying to an area of a completed Map Card, by building townships, and via aerial combat. This Euro worker placement game seems to be full of theme and I think will scale well for it’s 2 to 4 player recommendation.

International backers have there own pledge level for shipping labeled ‘International Privateer’, and shipping in the US is free.

Alien Uprising

Project by: Mr. B Games

This game has blown through it’s pledge cap. With fifteen days to go still, it has already reached almost 350% funding with several stretch goals unlocked, including, extra scenarios, extra miniatures, and custom engraved dice.

Alien Uprising is a cooperative board game that has you and your crew fighting for their lives on a planet filled with hostile Zothrens, that they had crash landed on. All of you have to work together to either hold off  the attacks long enough for the rescue ship to arrive, or to repair the damaged ship and leave the planet before being destroyed. With some gorgeous artwork and highly detailed sculpted miniatures, not only does the game include some pretty eye candy, but also has some interesting dice mechanics and other features.

Shipping to the US states is free, except for Hawaii and Alaska is $29. Ship to Canada will also require you to add another $29 to your pledge. Shipping to UK and EU will need to add $49 to your pledge and for the rest of the world, add $59 to their pledge.


Project by: Gryphon and Eagle Games

Overview of CUBIST dice!


With Cubist, you get a truly unique dice tossing game. Players are competing to build grand art pieces for their Modern Art Museum with cubes, aka dice! You do this buy rolling two dice each turn and placing them in your studio for later use in your art piece. You draw a card and try to use the dice to recreate the image. Dice that are adjacent to each other have to be in ascending or descending order (Ex: a 4 adjacent to a 3 adjacent to a 2), and dice that are stacked on top of each other have to be the same number. You can also use the dice to enlist masters of modern art to either help your art structures or hinder your opponents. With some luck, a little bit of strategy, and a lot of puzzle mastering, you can build your art pieces and win the game by scoring the most points.

They have several different shipping rates for different countries and if you are ordering multiple copies of the game.  Scroll to the bottom of their Kickstarter home page for details.  They are now shipping within Europe, which will take a little more time, but there will be no additional fees and taxes. US shipping is free.

Capo Dei Capi

Project by: Dr. Finn’s Games

Capo dei Capi is a 2 player, filler, dice game where you and the other mob boss compete against one another to try to become the “boss of bosses” during the prohibition period of New York. You seek power by competing for control over six areas, while also trying to extort the mayor. The dice rolls determines a player’s options for placing his bribe and influence tokens. Since this is a dice game, their is a little bit of luck that is needed. When your luck and dice rolls are not going your way, it is up to you to adapt and change  your strategy accordingly.  You can gain a little bit of control over the dice by extorting the mayor and gaining ‘Mayor Chips’, which can be used to perform special actions.

A quick 15 minute game which looks like it has the perfect mixture of luck and strategy.

Free Shipping in the US, and international backers add $12-$15 to your pledge, depending on your pledge level.

In the next week or two, keep a look out for a special edition of Kick The Box, as I have received the prototype of  Warlords & Sellswords and will be writing up a preview for it in anticipation of the rebooted Kickstarter campaign. So, until next week . . .

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