Thanks to my stupid brain, this RPG idea won’t leave me alone

Last night I was kept up by some creative force in my brain rattling around like a rock in an old coffee can. There’s been an idea for a game or book that’s been sitting at the back of my head for over a year now, and finally it pushed its way forward and made itself heard.

This is only a sample, and an unedited one at that, but I want to get it down, so to speak, and out so I can look at it from another angle.  Who knows where it will go from here, if anywhere, but it’s more promising than lots of other ideas I’ve had on the RPG front. I’ve been mucking about mostly with board and card games lately, but this keeps demanding to be written. Or at the least, fleshed out more.

The Strange Child’s First Book of Secret Knowledge

book of

I am glad that this book has found you. It does not matter how it did, whether you bought it in a store, found it on a train or are reading it on some complex device. However it came to be yours it is now truly yours and once read, it can never be taken from you.

This is a book of secret knowledge. Not the kind of secret you are whispered by a friend who makes you swear never to tell. this is not silly knowledge of likes and dislikes or funny behavior. This knowledge is secret because it desires to be so, not because someone told it to someone else in a whisper.

Keep your mind open to the secret knowledge in this book, and decide for yourself what it is about and what it can teach you. And always remember, that just because a thing is not true, does not make it wrong. If that were the case then all the stories in this world would be the wrong stories.

Here then are stories, none of them perhaps real, but many of them true. And here is secret knowledge that all readers of this book must carry with them. Stories are dreams, and dreaming is never wrong. Dreams are where people discover what they can become.

The secret is that we should always, without fail, do our best to dream. To plan what we can become, our own secret worlds to explore and our own secret knowledge to acquire. When you stop dreaming, you stop becoming, and when you stop becoming you find it hard to change.

There are Those who would seek to stop you from dreaming. They are found in all of the 19 Million Worlds and They are powerful. Powerful and ever watchful for dreamers like yourself.

Take heart, however, for you are not alone! And remember, They are not dreamers like yourself. They do not possess the secret knowledge, nor would the ever understand it. You have power over Them and must use it wisely.

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