Here Comes Cubist! A New Kickstarter from Alf Seegert and Steve Poelzing

FRED Rect - Cubist

Alf Seegert and Steve Poelzing are challenging you to create Cubist works of art using dice!

Who are these fellows, and why should you check out their Kickstarter ?

Alf Seegert is no stranger to the loyal readers of Troll in the Corner.  He is the designer of four prior games, the most recent of which is Fantastiqa.  (You can read more about Fantastiqa by checking out our review, our “Losing at Board Games” column, or the Fantastiqa homepage. )

Steve Poelzing is a lifelong gamer and is a founding member of the Utah Board Game Designers Guild.

They have partnered together to develop Cubist.

Intrigued?  Check out the promo video. This is one Kickstarter you’ll want to keep your eye on.

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