Sept 21 is Roll Dice in Your Mailbox Day, and Other Upcoming Gaming Holidays

by Jon Beall and Ben Gerber


This PSA is brought to you by Losing at Board Games.


With the busy news cycle, and jobs, and eating grapes… it is easy to miss some upcoming Gaming Holidays.

Here at Troll in the Corner, we are here for you.  We’ve heard your cries, your tears, and your pleas, and we’ve put together a quick summary of the important upcoming Gaming Holidays.


September 21

Roll Dice in Your Mailbox Day




Not sure how to celebrate?  Just roll some dice in your mailbox.






October 31

Give Your Cat a Meeple Day

Your cat has put up with a lot.

They have been booted off the table in the middle of a game.themeunification

Kicked out of game boxes when they were settling in for a nap


And let’s not even talk about how you had your cat play a game of Love Letter with you…




November 2

Team Troll Does Battle for a Good Cause – 25 Hours of Gaming for Extra Life!




November 29

Eat an Apple, Play a Solo Game


Stay home while everyone else braves the shopping crowds.

Eat an apple.

Play your favorite single-player game.

And remember, the day after Thanksgiving is Eat an Apple, Play a Solo Game.

You’re only participating because you’re committed to board gaming.



December 15

Gaming in the Lot Day

Pick a parking space close to a major mall or shopping outlet.

Set up a table.

Play games while hordes of angry shoppers try to find a place to park.

See how long you can last before the mall cops escort you off the premises.

[Photo Not Found]


And remember, with all the holiday crazines…


The Troll is with you.

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