Today’s thanks to another awesome publisher for Extra Life charity support – Alderac Entertainment Group!


This year’s Extra Life campaign is live! I’ll be playing table top games for not 24 hours  but 25 hours straight to raise money for Children’s Hospitals. Please check out my Extra Life page and DONATE!

This year I’m treating this one (granted full) day event as my own little convention. I had the somewhat crazy idea to reach out to game publishers and see about getting some prize support for those folks who’ll be joining Team Troll and themselves raising money for Extra Life.

Alderac Entertainment Group (or as most of us know them, AEG) generously supplied several games towards my campaign and Team Troll! AEG provided us with Guildhall, Card of the Dead and Maximum Throwdown! Some will be heading out to team members, some will be played by yours truly! I’d also like to point out two of my favorite AEG games!


First, Love Letter. Very simple, 16 cards, a few wooden cubes and a bag – but infinitely repayable with just enough back stabbing goodness to make it really fun. This game is also the darling of our Google Plus Board Games community – it seems most gamers love it, and it’s cheap to boot!


Next, a game that’s been out for a while, but which I finally had a chance to play this weekend, and fall in love with. Smash Up! The base game comes with 8 different faction decks of 20 cards each. Such things as robots, ninjas and dinosaurs to name a few. Each player grabs two different decks, smashes them together and then attempts to take over as many bases as they can, while also fending off the other players. Well worth grabbing as a fun, 30-45 minute game for 2-4 players.

I know for a fact that these two will also be making an appearance during my 25 hours of gaming!

As for right now, these games will be played during my 25 hours of gaming, and then given to some lucky folks invited in to my home to assist. These folks will also be playing games in the hopes of raising money for Extra Life and the free games are my way of giving them some extra incentive to get out there before hand and raise some cash. I’m also looking into sending games off to my remote team members to encourage them to play more and raise more money!


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