Table Top Wars and Warriors: Hobby Bunker Game Day

HB Game Day 2013 001I recently attended a great event hosted by a local club The Boston Trained Bands at a great local game store the Hobby Bunker for their annual game day.

He we had historical games for almost every era and using multiple rule sets a great chance to play your favorite era or try out a new one.  Also a great chance to try out a new rule set or two and this what I did you can see full battle reports over at my blog Fencing Frog rather I’m going to give you general impressions of the games I played and show you pictures of the great games going on around me.


HB Game Day 2013 017My first game of the day was a new game called By Fire and Sword its written by a Polish Company and is focused on warfare in Eastern Europe during the 17th Century.  There are a number of games covering the late Renaissance/Pike and Shot Era but almost all of these focus on Western Europe.  I find this game very interesting because the 17th century is a cross roads in time between the medieval and modern war and Poland is cross roads between European and Asian Cultures.  Swedes, German, Poles, Russians, Cossack, Turks and Tartars all battle it out in this game and each has its own unique flavor.

The game I played in pitted a Swedish army with pike and musket armed infantry and pistol armed cavalry against a Polish army heavy on cavalry.  While both followed the same rules they fought very differently.  The Polish cavalry is brutal in hand to hand combat. While the Swedish are armed with pistols and would rather fire and retreat only charging when they have an advantage in numbers.

Some images other Great games just to give you the flavor of the day.

HB Game Day 2013 005






This was a Napoleonic game played using the computer aided game system called Carnage and Glory its a great system because the computer keeps track of every thing from troop fatigue to how the weather affects the fire arms.  Players can focus on maneuvers and tactics while the computer does the book-keeping.

HB Game Day 2013 022






Age of Reason a complicated but enjoyable tactical game… the first historic war game I ever played way back in the day This was the Battle of Mollwitz Frederick the Great’s First battle.

HB Game Day 2013 042






World War One or the Great war is fascinating to me and I had great fun trying to defend (trying is the key word) my section of German trench.  The rules are home-brew.

HB Game Day 2013 053






A revolutionary war battle using 40mm figures these are big and beautiful I don’t know the rules in use here.

HB Game Day 2013 051






It was not all Historical there was a major battle between the star-fighters of the Rebel Alliance and the Empire.


HB Game Day 2013 049





and Mike Paine’s home-brew “pulp era” game on a scratch built table with ships Mike also built from scratch.

HB Game Day 2013 052






A Pike and Shotte game pitting Scots and English against each other Scotland lost I believe. There were a lot of other great game I didn’t get a look at in the both of the day sessions.

HB Game Day 2013 076






We wrapped up the day with a large Napoleonic Battle using the Black powder rules (you can get that report in full on my blog).

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