Kick The Box August 26th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

August 26th Edition

As the the days get shorter and the cheerful, summer weather starts to wane, we forge on, looking for that perfect, new tabletop game or accessory to keep us entertained through the upcoming fall and winter months. Here is just a taste of some new games that you can help support on Kickstarter.

Update: After last week’s edition went live, I was notified that Give It To The King! Redux was being relaunched this last week and it’s true! The campaign has been reborn with a great turn out from backers in the first couple of days. It’s already reached 61% of it’s $9,500 pledge goal in the first couple of days. The Agents just closed it’s campaign with an amazing ending total of $257,368 funded towards it’s Kickstarter campaign. Gratz Saar!


Agents of SMERSH: Swagman’s Hope

Project by: Jason Maxwell

Entering back into the fray of Kickstarter madness is an expansion for Agents of SMERSH. The core game was a runaway success on Kickstarter last year. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s a wonderful storytelling board game that is a heck of a lot of fun. The expansion takes your characters to Australia, and adds some new agents, a new henchman, villains, and tons more. Grab your spy and begin your adventure through this espionage-filled  game expansion and stop the evil mad men from taking over the world!

They’re Coming

Project by: Rob Clark

Kotzas Marina by Tommy Arnold

The zombies are coming! The zombies are coming!

They’re coming is a two player game that has one player playing the zombies and their opponent playing the survivors in a single deck game, and both players taking turns playing both the survivors and the zombies in a dual deck game(This could be interesting). The survivors have to balance speed and acquiring items to fight the zombies, while they make their way to the Rescue Station uninfected. The zombies do, well, what the zombies always do, try to infect and eat the brains of the survivors. The gameplay looks intriguing as well as the dual deck feature.

Warlords & Sellswords

Project by: Patrick H. Crowe

Weak Soldier.Casein, gouache, ink, on Fabriano Rosaspina.8 1/2” x 10”.More work for Warlords and Sellswords. Please consider supporting it on Kickstarter.

Gather your army!

It is time to play Warlords & Sellswords!

Warlords & Sellswords is a card building game that has you managing your army in order to win the King’s favor. Hire, promote, and manage your army of  mercenaries as you try to sidestep and outwit your opponents.

Their Kickstarter video shows an overview of a game that sounds like it has some interesting mechanics, but a true gameplay video, third party previews of the game, and .pdf rulebook would be much more beneficial and take their campaign farther. Either way, I have my eye on this game cause it does sound interesting and hope to see the above mentioned issues fixed.

King’s Forge

A dice building and manipulation game where you are trying to gather resources in order to forge weapons and armor  for the king. Do so, and be the first to beat out your competition  for the title of King’s Forge! I love the artwork and a lot of great videos on their Kickstarter page that display the dynamics and mechanics of the game. Should be a light-medium family fun-filled game. Can’t wait to play it!

Phew! Some great games to look forward to as we hunker down for the winter months. Crappier weather =  more gaming time!  ‘Til next time, keep on spreading the addiction!

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