Kick The Box TableTopTutorials Interview

Kick The Box Special Edition

Interview With TableTopTutorials

Welcome to a special edition of Kick The Box. I bet you’re thinking is it Monday already? No sir/ma’am, it is not (Thank goodness.) I’m posting this today because I have a couple special guests prepared for you today. We have an interview with two of the creators, Cynthia and Nick, of about their campaign on Kickstarter and their goals for the campaign and ultimately the website.

KTB:  How many people are involved with the project atm?

Cynthia:  Nick and I are the core of the team. We’ll be responsible for the development of the site itself. We’ll also be working with the rest of our ‘Nerd Night’ group ( Mike, Jason, Wayne, Olivia, and Ashley ) as well as high level backers that get dev access to discuss ideas/functionality, review aesthetics, test, promote and create content.

KTB: That would be fun.  How long have all of you known each other?

Nick:  That’s an interesting question with a lot of complicated answers as there’s so many of us. For example, Mike met Wayne’s daugter Lilly and his ex-wife long before he knew Wayne and Cynthia. Olivia and Cynthia have known each other since High School and Cynthia was the Maid of Honor at my wedding to Olivia. But we’ve all been getting together as a group to play games and hangout for about two and a half years now.

KTB: Gotta love a nice tight group. Your Kickstarter campaign page claims ‘most content comes with a rating’ I was wondering how difficult a new video or content will prevail when there is already high rated content of the same type or game. For Example, you have 7 tutorial videos for a board game. Five of them are rated really high and the other 2 are rated rather low. Where will the newly published video fall into place? Will it be lost in obscurity because of the higher rated content already there? Or will it be placed at the top of the list and waiting for a beat down by member ratings? Or an algorithm that throws it somewhere in the middle of the whole shebang?

Cynthia: This is a great point! We’ll approach this issue from three angles:

1) Have a toggle that allows user to view highest rated or newest content;

2) Flag new content with an icon or highlighting (design is still in the works) to make it more visible in the list;

3) We’ll have a mechanism to allow new content to be ‘neutral’ so that it appears below high ranked content, but above content that was downvoted.

KTB: That sounds great! You guys are doing the tutorial videos and also having community post tutorial videos, right?

Nick: That’s correct. We’re looking forward to doing as many tutorial videos as we can, but there’s no way we could ever cover every game that’s out there. Opening things up to community tutorial videos not only ensures there will be more content than we could create ourselves, it will also ensure the best content, not just ours, rises to the top.

KTB:  Will it be like Youtube and people create accounts and upload a video per their account or per the game they are making the video for?

Cynthia: Users will need a  free account to submit or vote on content. We won’t have users upload videos to us directly, but instead submit a YouTube URL.

KTB:  And will there be a screening process of community generated content somehow done by you guys?

Cynthia:  Video content will be held for review by moderators (us for now) before it’s posted, but all other content will immediately post and the moderators will be notified of it so it can be reviewed as needed. We’re also discussing a ‘level’ or seniority feature that would allow trusted users to post without having to go through review and possibly become moderators themselves.

KTB: You have Pro Level accounts to entice backers to help support your project. What does the Pro Level Account offer that a free account doesn’t offer?

Nick:  A free account will be available and will have full access to the site. In fact, if all you want to do is view the content, an account is unnecessary. You will need an account to upload or vote on content though.
Pro Level accounts have several advantages. A Pro Level Account will have no limit to how much they can post each day. (Free accounts will be limited.) Pro Level Accounts will also have an enhanced profile page and they’ll receive early access to new features. Additionally, Pro Level Accounts will have content they submit at the top of the “New Content” lists. Lastly, with a pro account, browsing TableTopTutorials will be an ad free experience.

KTB: Your pledge goal is $5,000. Do you have an expenditure breakdown of what those funds will be going towards?

Cynthia: We have in mind a breakdown something like this.
$500 – Kickstarter and Amazon’s cut.
$1000 – $1500 – Rewards & Promotional Materials
$300-$500- Graphics & Design; We have some of this already, but we’ll need more to produce a quality site.
$500-$1000 – Film Equipment; We haven’t picked anything in particular yet as we want to find the best possible deal once we’ve received funding
$300-$500 – Server & Hosting Costs for the first year (which will vary depending on traffic levels)

Whatever’s left + our blood, sweat, and tears – Development and content creation. We’ll complete the site with all of the promised features even if there’s not a lot of money left. We can’t work completely for free as                            we have bills to pay and mouths to feed, but as long as we can pay ourselves a small salary, we’re thrilled to be able to produce a quality site for the tabletop gaming community.

KTB: Thank you Cynthia and Nick for taking the time to field some questions. Good luck with the campaign!


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