Kick The Box August 19th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

August 19th Edition

For those that didn’t attend Gen Con this weekend and those that did attend Gen Con and still have a couple of dollars left in their wallets or purses, let’s check out what gems Kickstarter has to offer you this week. For the rest of you, well, good news, most of these campaigns will still be going in a couple of weeks, so feel free to join in and back them then!

Update: Planet Defiant:Onslaught of Vanas campaign has been canceled and will be reworked and re launched on September 6th, 2013. Stretch Goal Time for Incredible Expeditions(Showcased in last week’s Kick The Box) as it has hit its funding goal with more than 25 days still left in the campaign! The Agents (Showcased in the Kick The Box July 15th Edition)card game has grossed almost $200,000 in it’s campaign and only has five more days left, so you better grab your copy before it’s over!

Update For The Updates: Just recieved an email that Give It To The King! (Showcased in Kick The Box July 10th Edition) will be relaunching it’s campaign on 8/22/13, 5 a.m. PST)

 Table Top Tutorials

Project by: furryLogic

Stuck scouring the internet looking for the one obtuse rule while in the middle of a shiny new board game? Have you ever  purchased a new game and want to introduce it to your gaming group, and they want to get an idea of the game before it hits the table on Game Night? Looking for a website with an uncluttered, intuitive, streamlined UI that has nice, quick reviews, faqs, house rules, and community created scenario content of a game you’re looking to purchase or have already purchased? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, than is the website for you. They want to make the difficult part of  reading and interpreting rulebooks easier via walk thru and how to videos, while also providing reviews, faq’s, and whatever else is needed for your one stop table top information center.

Here is a demo of their website for the card game Cards Against Humanity:

If you like what you see, kick on over to their kickstarter and help them help us.

Cthulhu’s Chaos – Unique Dice Tower

Project by:John Redman


These look beautiful! The Cthulhu Engraved Dice Towers are laser cut and hand assembled. Your choice of woods are  Birchwood, Green Stained Maple, or any Hardwood of your choice. The  newly redesigned Dice Towers sit about five inches tall, and now works with d6 up to twenty millimeters in size, so it can easily be used for games like King of Tokyo that have larger dice.

This isn’t a funding as much as it is a pre-order, so hurry and grab yours now before all the pledges are gone!

Wrath of Kings

Project by: Cool Mini or Not

 Arikania. A world that has been divided by a slain king and left the five kingdoms in turmoil. Choose a kingdom and lead it’s army to victory as you for supremacy and reign yourself King!

Wrath of Kings has some amazing looking miniatures and each kingdom has their own strengths and weaknesses that they bring to the battlefield. The battles are scalable from ten to fifty models per side. So, if it’s a full blown battle you’re looking for, or just a small skirmish, Wrath of Kings will suit your needs. The mechanic that sets this miniatures game apart from the others is that you have an unique chain of command. If that chain of command is broken, then your army will be less efficient.

The unique chain of command feature with the beautiful miniatures and artwork makes for a win win in anyone’s book.

A Duel Betwixt Us

Project by: Game Salute

 A Duel Betwixt Us is a  two player drafting, resource management card game with some sneaky combat tricks thrown in for good measure. You start the game by sending your miners to mine for gold, silver, and copper ingots so you can forge your sword and armor. The different metals grant you different strength bonuses. You buy a blueprint and then fill the empty slots of the blueprints with the different ingots. Winning duels can either gain you a fan club who will happily spend their lives mining more ingots for you, or the hands of fair ladies, and of course, he (or she) who has the most hands of the fair ladies, wins the game.

I hope you find these featured tabletop games and accessories worth checking out, pacifying the addiction of our hobby and the need to fill our shelves with more cards and cardboard, and until next week . . .

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