Kick The Box August 12th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

August 12th Edition

Welcome to another glorious edition of ‘Kick The Box’! We have some exciting and newly launched games hand picked by me for you this week. So, grab a cup of  your favorite liquid beverage, sit back, drool over these projects, and help drive these lads/lasses campaigns down the road of success.

Updates: Firefly:Out to the Black has not only been canceled but totally pulled from the Kickstarter website even though it was fully funded. 811 backers of the project are calling foul as Toy Vault’s and Game Salute’s (the two companies involved with the crowdfunding) press releases were extremely vague and rather fishy. Privateer has also been canceled, but with a solid explanation from the creators. They realized the mistakes they made during the campaign and want a fresh start. More details to come.

Incredible Expeditions: Quest For Atlantis

Set in a Steampunk era, Incredible Expeditions: Quest For Atlantis can be played competitively or cooperatively. The goal, as one of the unique airship captains, is to lead the greatest expedition to uncharted, mysterious  lands and find the ancient lost city of Atlantis.

But, before you set off on your adventure, while you are in Port City, you have to hire the most heroic crew and gather resources for your airship before you set sail upon your expedition. After doing so, the adventure begins. You move from one mysterious location to the next, overcoming obstacles, monsters, and curses to be the first to discover the lost city of Atlantis, reaping fame and fortune, your name becoming permanently penned into the history books.

The Cards of Cthulhu

In less than 24 hours, this game has been funded and has already doubled it’s pledge level, unlocking several stretch goals, while still having 20+ days left in it’s campaign.

You can choose to fight the horrors alone or for a multiplayer experience, bring some friends along to help you save the world from the Elder Ones trying to burst through the gates and destroy our world.  As an investigator, you and your comrades must close the gates, battle cultists and other horrors not only to defeat one, but four Elder Gods, all trying to enter our dimension and create havoc. With deck building mechanics, you gain followers, other less experienced investigators, and magical items to help defeat the Elder Ones and save the world.

Alchemist Academy

Spell Card & Component Cards

With an anime flavor artwork and style, Alchemist Academy is a hand management/card drafting game pitting you against other students to be the first to score thirty points and pass the class first. The way to score points is by balancing your hand with spells and much needed spell-casting components such as pixie dust, eye of newts, dragon scales, and troll’s teeth. But watch out, if a spell that you  cast onto a rival student is blocked and/or countered, it could potentially net you nothing more than wasted resources and no points to show for it.

Alchemist Academy is a fast, light hearted 2-6 player game, that can be played in 30-60 minutes, and looks to be fun for the whole family.

Planet Defiant: Onslaught of Vanas

Project by: Pangalactic Entertainment

If you’re looking for something a little meatier than the games presented above, than Planet Defiant will fit the bill nicely. In Planet Defiant,  you find yourself and your crew crash landed on a planet inhabited with not-so-friendly aliens. For the rest of the game, you and your crew mates are fighting to stay alive and escape the planet.

This game shows some interesting mechanics, such as a night and day cycle that changes what you encounter and how you play, cooperative fighting, trading, leveling, and synergy, and customizable weapons and skill system that offers vast replayability using the same characters. The artwork and the universe this game resides in, offers a deep and engrossing experience with possible expansions and continued stories farther down the road.

There you have it! This week’s picks of some of the most intriguing games campaigning for your hard earned dollar. Come back next week as we discover the next set of gems seeded in the Kickstarter underbelly. Reshare and leave any comments of what you like/don’t like and as always. .  .

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