Kick The Box Aug. 5th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

August 5th 2013 Edition

Welcome to another weekly edition of  ‘Kick The Box’ where I have scoured the back alleys of  the Kickstarter servers in order to bring you the most exciting and must have games to help fuel your funding addiction.

Update: None. Zero. Zilch.

 ZooFu: Path of the Samurai Zookeeper

Project by: Game Salute

Attack sets with ferocious finishers!

Game Salute has several games being crowdfunded on Kickstarter right now, including one I mentioned last week, Chaos & Alchemy. Another fundraising campaign they have running is for a game called Zoo Fu.  A fun filled, tongue in cheek, martial arts card game.

When the lights go out at the zoo, the animals gather around the Samurai Zookeeper to battle and become the next Zoo Fu Champion.

Each player chooses his/her player card that represents their animal. In order to win, you may train with the Samurai Zookeeper, change stances, or attack with a combination of type, style, and animal cards creating some great attacks, such as Diving Tiger Grab or Spinning Monkey Punch,  with the objective to gain more chi than anyone else and become the next Zoofu Champion.

Zero Hour: Survival Horror Card Game

Project by: Richard T. Broadwater


Need I say more?

Didn’t think so, but will anyways:

I love the theme of this card based game. This game has such a Lovecraftian feel to it and is laced with tension and horrors of the unknown stalking your characters.  The use of  black and white photos of children and locations with flavor text, really sets the tone and allows your imagination to run wild.

The goal of the game is to last from midnight to sunrise and keep your children alive and one step ahead of  ‘The Pale One’ and/or other creatures that go bump in the night.

I can’t wait to see the gameplay video when it gets released. Heck, I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Pack of Heroes

Project by: Adventureland Games

Marvel and DC have both rebooted and done alternate universes for each of their corresponding universes, why not a game that creates a comic book alternative world all together? Pack of Heroes is here to do just that!

Set in an alternative comic book world, two players choose their team of thirty colorful superheroes such as The Original Herr Pretzel, Zombie Lad, or The Serpent Sisters, and fight each other on a 3×3 grid in a Last Man Standing duel match up.

A great looking, quick, two player game that can be played in 30 minutes or less.

Firefly: Out to the Black

Project by: Game Salute

Browncoats Unite!

I was surprised to see this on Kickstarter. I know there is a competitive  board game based on the Firefly universe being developed by Gale Force Nine, but now there is a cooperative card game too developed by Toy Vault!

Each players picks a crew member of Serenity and have to work  together to complete the jobs that are drawn from the deck and survive the blackness of space to win. I mentioned before that there are several crowdfunding games getting a kick on Kickstarter by Game Salute and Firefly: Out to the Black is another one that launched this last week. It is already funded and only available on Kickstarter for two weeks. (One week left by the time this article posts.)

To win Firefly: Out To The Black, the players have to complete all the jobs in the Job Deck without losing all of their Credits or all of their Honor or drawing all of the Alliance Cards. As usual with cooperative games, one way to win, several ways to lose! This game looks like a keeper!

Another week down, and another week to go. Look towards next week as I dive into the Kickstarter underbelly and dig up more gems and treasures! Feel free to leave any comments and as always

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