Table Top Wars and Warriors: Fencing Frog Month in Review

buildings and panzers 010This column is going to be a little different the focus will be not an a particular war-gaming subject but rather on painting and modeling projects I have been competed in the month of July.   I had initially planned to give these project an entry of their own but the pace at which I paint (even in a slow month) would overwhelm my writing scheduled.  For those who want more pictures or to follow my projects as I complete them visit Fencing Frog.

The first project of the month was touching up the Snow cameo StuGs  you saw these already but you have not seen their relatives, four Panzer IVs painted in the same manner and dressed with the same snow flock(I am working on a whole winter themed army)  Panzer IVs  were the back bone the Panzer divisions during the Second world war the only panzer to be produced from 1939 through 1945.  In Flames of War you’ll see a lot more Panthers and Tigers in late war but I prefer these to Panthers.  Car trouble kept me from giving these a spin at The Whiz  last Sunday(they have open gaming that day and Flames of War dominates the field) but I hope to have them get a shot soon.

buildings and panzers 001I am very happy to share this next project.  It started when I got a notice from Noble Knight (our sponsor) saying that they had a French Villa from JR Miniatures I have been hunting for one of these for a long time so I placed my order and waited eagerly. Unfortunately the broken for you see to the left is what I got.  I am happy to say that Noble Knight came through with a full refund including the cost of shipping.  They are a quality company you can feel confident dealing with them (FYI they did not know of my affiliation with Troll in the Corner)buildings and panzers 003Since Noble Knight did not request I send the broken pieces back I used some glue a little putty and wooden base to hold things together.  I am fairly pleased with the results so far.  This is still a work in progress and you will see it at some point all painted up. buildings and panzers 007I had another terrain building projects a wonderful piece I won up at Huzzah!con.   As I understand it By Fire and Sword has been around in Poland for a number of years but has recently started to reach across the Atlantic with a game sent in Eastern Europe the 16th and 17th Centuries.  I don’t know how good the game is but I can say this they make some truly outstanding terrain pieces.  This is one of their Polish Farm houses and its an awesome piece.  The Grain in that wood really pops when you paint it up and give it a layer or two of wash.  I love models and miniatures that make me look a better painter than I am. This baby will look great on the table for Flames of war eastern front or for Black Powder and Maurice.RSO trucks 007One of my first articles here was about one of the often neglected transport and tractor vehicles that get armies from one battle to another.  I do love filing in my armies is bits like this little guy the RSO.  There is something almost cute about this guy you could put a cartoon face on it and have the Little RSO that almost could. These vehicles were used primarily to haul guns especially anti-tank Guns and that’s what I plan to use them for with my German armies for Flames of War.D'argent extras 002I also painted some new figures for the Grand Duchy of D’Argent (see my previous articles if you don’t know what I am talking about).  These figures are extra to switch out with existing units to indicate they have dropped from trained quality to conscript quality or have been raised from conscript to trained quality.

This is an important factor if I can get a planned Maurice campaign off the ground as troops can go up or down in quality from one battle the next.  Its one of those things you don’t realize until you have a few games in.US Artillery 009Finally I just finished up a unit of US Artillery.  These 105 mm howitzers  were the workhorse gun of the US artillery during the Second World War.  The bases are sculpted by Battle Front and really add to the models again figures that make me look like a better painter than I am are great! These are an example of a unit I painted not to use my self but to sell I don’t think flip this figure is going to become the next path to millions but I have found it can supplement ones hobby funds.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this review of my painting and modeling projects for the month. Once again you can see more pictures and read After Action Reports though out the month at my Blog Fencing Frog.

US Artillery 016

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