Kick The Box July 29th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

July 29th 2013 Edition

Wow! It’s almost August already and I’ve now officially been doing this new weekly article for for a month now. Thanks to all who have helped me with research, suggestions, and proofreading, and just me bugging them to repeatedly read what I’ve wrote with maybe only one or two words changed. =D  and thanks to all who stop by to check out each week’s new picks. This week we look at a race to a convention, some pirates, and transmuting some lead to gold.

 Updates: The crowdfunding for Darkling Plain has been canceled as of this time in order to regroup and put together a gameplay video showcasing this game’s uniqueness and will be rebooted shortly.


Project by: Ensignia Games


Ahoy, me Hearties! Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! It is time to set sail to make your riches!

Privateer reminds me a lot of a scaled down version of the video game series Uncharted Waters by Koei. In fact, that is why it grabbed my attention. Out of the twenty historic pirate captains that come with the game, choose one with it’s own strengths and weaknesses and set sail for the high seas in attempt to secure your fame and fortune. Sail from port to port, buying and selling cargo for gold, or attacking  your opponent’s ships and plundering their cargo and selling IT for gold. Use infamy to upgrade your ship and crew, and set sail for the next port! It’s all in the life of a Privateer.


Project by: Vince Luca

You and up to five others receive an email from your favorite convention that you can obtain a signed, limited edition item of your choice if you’re the first one there. The catch however, is that you (And the others that received the email) don’t have cars! Hitchhike across the country utilizing different forms of transportation, such as planes, trains, and automobiles to reach the convention first!

Carmarace has two modes of play, the normal and junior mode. In normal mode, you use the special text for gameplay, and in junior mode, you only use the numbers, helping younger children learn basic math while having fun doing so. If you’re tired of fantasy and sci-fi themes, and need a switch to something grounded closer to home with some humor and ‘screw thy neighbor’ mechanics, than look no farther.


Project by: LudiCreations

It is 1025 and the reign of Basileios II has ended without a successor. Taking charge of your noble house and seizing this opportunity, you scheme and conquer cities in an attempt to have your pretender of the throne claim his/her’s ‘rightful spot’ as the Emperor’s Successor.

In Byzantio, each player, as leader of their noble house, chooses which cities are important to them to conquer and make their own. You then spend the next thirty turns of the game trying to out scheme, negotiate, exile, and conquer territories. Your greatest plans can be quickly destroyed by an event (that happens every 5 turns) or by one of your opponents trying to claim the throne for their own. One of the shining mechanics of this game is the ability to reassess and change your plans on the fly and never feel like you are totally out of the game.

This sounds like it should be a long drawn out game, but in reality, the rules are pretty easy to learn and is suppose to only take forty-five minutes to an hour to get through a full game.

Chaos & Alchemy

Project by: Game Salute

Action cards allow you to skew the rules in your favor, bringing new cards to your hand and even changing the Fortune Die!

A quick 2-5 player card and dice game where you compete to build a laboratory and be the first to transmute lead to gold.  Each card can help you build your laboratory, earning you points. The first person to ten points successfully has earned the king’s favor by turning lead to gold!

The copy of the card I posted is just a teaser of some of the incredible art from Enggar Adirasa and graphic design by Dann May that you will find in this card and dice game. Mix that with an interesting mechanic of how success and failures of your experiments are achieved, and there is no way you can go wrong with backing this project.

I think we’ve covered it all this week, from hitchhiking to pirates to alchemy, there is a little something for every tabletop gamer on Kickstarter. As always, feel free to leave comments and . . .

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