Kick The Box July 22nd 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

July 22nd Edition

Phew, the summer keeps heating up and so does the amount of phenomenal games on Kickstarter, but before we jump into this week’s look at games, I want to update you on a couple of games I’ve mentioned in the last couple of weeks.

The two player game The Fallen has been successfully funded (by 372%) with tons of extra stretch goals unlocked that will be shipped with each game, and will be ending on Monday July 22, 12:10 am PDT. Unfortunately, I just got an email that says that Dawn:Rise of the Occulites has been canceled and plans on being relaunched on Kickstarter in about 30 days, so keep an eye out for it.  On Darkling Plain‘s Kickstarter page, there has been a video released showing some sleek augmented reality technology, but still no gameplay video. Dragon Caster barely met it’s pledge goal, but I’m glad to see it will be shipped to backers later this year, and Dark, Darker, and Darkest (by 660%), and Cthulhu Wars (by 3,509%!) all hit their pledges and will be shipped in the coming months. On that note, let’s dive into this week’s picks.

Clashing Blades

Project by: Lester Smith

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Even though Clashing Blades can be played with a regular poker deck and was originally designed to do so by Lester Smith, it would be foolish to miss the opportunity of obtaining a ‘dual use’ poker deck with the amazing artwork of Ray Corwell II. This kickstarter has already been successfully funded, but could use more funds to see some of the stretch goals fulfilled. The more stretch goals that are fulfilled, the more original artwork will be added to the cards. I would love to see each suit get it’s own character illustration, with spades and hearts receiving a unique male illustration, and the clubs and diamonds receive unique female illustrations. Also, farther down the stretch goals, you would see Jokers, Kings, Queens, and Jacks all receive their own unique male/female  illustrations.

King’s Armory

Project by: John Wrot

Another co-op tabletop game, with a couple of handy Game Night additions. The most tremendous addition is the ability to add or remove players in the middle of the game. There is only a handful of tabletop games that can do this without any detrimental repercussions to the gameplay. I know most games can’t accommodate this because of the style, but since King’s Armory has a wave based enemy mechanism, like the popular tower defense mobile games, it makes it easy to implement the ‘add/drop’ feature of players.

King’s Armory is a 1-7 player event with a great variety of replay value by changing heroes, map arrangements, monsters, hired help, equipment, reinforcements, boss, and armory weapons. They have a good jump on the $72,000 they need to hit their pledge level. The one thing this Kickstarter could benefit most from is the addition of a gameplay video to see all of these game mechanics in action.

Nanobot Battle Arena

Project by: Derpy Games

While most game designers are looking  towards vast galactic otherworlds, whole planets, and fantasy worlds to theme their game, the creators of Nanobot Battle Arena decided to do the opposite with their game theme and take it to a petri dish. You control a faction of nanobots with the goal is to make the longest chain before anyone runs out of them. The basic pledge will net you fifteen nanobots for four players. The more you pledge, the more nanobots you receive. So, if you’re looking for a quick, entertaining, strategic gameplay, the base set would be perfect, but if you’re looking for some epic length gameplay, you can get additional boxes and rule changes for up to sixty nanobots per person.

Red Aegis

Project by: Vorpal Games

Tired of playing the same character time and time again over a long drawn out campaign? Want to be able to play a new character in each game sitting and still have a powerful character?

If you said ‘yes’ to either one of these questions, then you’re going to want to leap into the world of Red Aegis. It incorporates conventional Dungeons & Dragon’s rules with some new mechanics that not only shapes one’s hero, but also the hero’s entire bloodline. Red Aegis campaign lasts over ten gaming sessions, and at the end of each gaming session, your hero dies, either from battle, or old age. In each new gaming session, you play a unique character that is a descendant of your original hero with his/hers inherited traits, skills, and powers. These new mechanics will not only give you the ability to tell the exciting story of one hero, but weave a magnificent tale of the chosen one’s lineage into a generation filling legacy.

Whether you’re looking for a new RPG world to dive into, or some cooperative or competitive tabletop gameplay, or just a quick card game, Kickstarter has it all and these are the gems for this week. Feel free to leave comments and reshare to help spread the addiction.

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