Kick The Box July 16th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

July 16th Edition

Another week down and still more great games and game related merchandise launching on Kickstarter to fill our Crackstarter pipes with and inhale.

But, before we dive into the addiction this week, I would like to point out that one of the games I highlighted last week has met the disaster of cancellation. =(  Give It To The King! Kickstarter has been canceled due to a slow response but they plan on restarting it in August, so as soon as I know more, I will happily pass it on to all of you.

And on that unhappy note, let’s load the pipe.


The Agents

Project by Saar Shai

Spies, Espionage, Missions, and Secrecy. This little card game has it all.

The agency has shut down, leaving a legion of agents out of work. This is where you, the player, step in. You and your opponents play these agents from your hands to your playmats, giving these rogue agents employment in your new factions.

The Double-Edge cards make for some interesting tactics. On the bottom of the card is a command(special ability) and on the top of the card is the name of the agent and half of an arrow. You place your agent on the playmat. If you want to be able to use the command, then you place the command towards you, thus pointing the half arrow towards your opponent. Match up two halves of an arrow and your opponent will be receiving points.  Lay the card the other way, with the command towards your opponent, then he gets to use the command, and you get the half arrow, hopefully connecting to another arrow and giving you points.  This is a give and take tactical card game to the extreme.  Mix this with mission cards and special agent cards of different abilities, and you have a sweet, quick tactical based card game.


Battle Merchants

Project by Minion Games

Four Player Board (nearly done)


War. The only one that ever benefits from it is the one selling the weapons, and now that someone is YOU! The Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, and Hobgoblins are fed up with each other and are ready to start dishing out some mayhem. Instead of you choosing one of the factions and battling the others, you get to forge the weapons and sell them to the warring factions.

This economy based game looks simple to learn, but hard to master, and with just the right amount of randomness from other players to keep the game fresh and coming back for more.



Project by V3G

Dragons, ninjas, and kittens. Oh MY!

…and mechanical sharks, unicorns, ogres, and yeah, you name it, and it’s probably in this light, chaotic, tactical game. Incredibrawl is a card game for 2-4 players that can be played with young kids and adults. The rules are scalable  to match your gaming group. The gameplay is fairly simple of basically, picking a character from your hand, everyone flips them over at once and then you compare the elemental types in a Rock, Scissor, Paper style determination of who wins.

The concept of throwing in all kinds of  characters into a mashup style  to make an easy, fun brawl game is a great idea. Not only the characters appear that I mentioned before, but also have Fairies, Martians, Amazons, Ogres, Robots, and still many more. . .

The World of Pokemon

Project by Joshua Dunlop

Anatomical study of a Bulbasaur

Even though this isn’t a game, but it is card game related, I wanted to give it some attention, ’cause 1.) It’s Pokemon and 2.) It’s just a neat idea that I would like to see done and done well.

Yes, Pokemon has been around forever now, and it’s nothing new by any stretch of the imagination, but what Joshua is trying to do is something new and unique. He’s trying to take The World of Pokemon and breathe some new life into it and create a fascinating world of information as if Pokemon were real creatures. I remember Animal Planet, a few years ago, doing something in the same vein with dragons and it was exciting to see how science could explain the possible existence of these creatures. They hired professional scientists to explain biologically how creatures as big as dragons flew, breathed fire, and their habitats and diets. Joshua wants to do the same concept with Pokemon.

The website would include statistics like biological studies, the habitats and diets, breeding habits and training techniques of all the Pokemon and much, much more. This is a huge undertaking and hope Joshua gets the funding he needs to get this off the ground.

Hope this helps stave off some of the addiction pains until next week. And as always . . .

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