Kick The Box: July 10th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

July 10th Edition

Welcome, Ladies and Gents to another edition of Kick The Box. This week we have four games for you to fill your Crackstarter pipe with, so let’s hit it hard and fast.

Realms of the Ancient (ROTA)

Project by: Immortal House

Science and magic collide in the world of a new role-playing game Realms of the Ancient. ROTA spans across the entire Cosmos. You take on the role of an Awakened Being with a new state of consciousness that grants you superhuman powers.

What sets this world/game mechanics apart from others that are similar is that you can start out as psychic, a shadow monk, or a demigod, among other classes or races. However, as your character grows it will evolve not only with levels from experience points, but possibly from the experience itself. You may have just fought off a pack of vampires, and find yourself turned into a vampire (whether you wanted to or not), or a deep scratch from a pack of wolves have given you the transformation ability. These are just two examples that can/will alter your character and his/hers motivation as they grow.

For an RPG and fantasy/sci-fi fan, this world looks like it will bring out the best of both genres.

Darkling Plain:an Augmented Reality Miniatures Board Game

Project by: Stewart Wieck

Augmented Reality. For the most part, this technology has been gimmicky at best, but the creator of Darkling Plain, Stewart Wieck, wants to change everyone’s perception of this technology with his latest miniatures tabletop creation.

Darkling Plain plays like a miniatures game, but instead of painted (or non-painted) miniatures, you have cards that represent units and other features, like a ring of standing stones or a village that come to life through any mobile device that has a camera. Yes, you do have to hold up the device to use this AR, but according to the creator, not all the time.

They are working on some gameplay videos,(which I can’t wait to see how this new technology/gameboard style of play will work). Once these are released, I think it will really give them the traction to hit their funding mark of $120,000.

I love anyone who is willing to go out on a limb and try something different. This could possibly be the spark that redefines tabletop boardgames.

War Command: The Physical Edition

Project by: Fringe Games

Originally intended to be an exclusive IOS electronic mobile game, War Command is getting a Kickstart so they can release a physical card deck building game that plays on a 7 x 6 square play mat as well.

By combining elements of Deck Building, Tabletop RPG’s, and Tactic Games, Fringe Games may have a hit with War Command as a quick set up, tactical, and deep gameplay card game. You build your deck and lay out your starting army configuration with the best tactical advantage. Than on your turns, you move character cards, and play support cards, with the goal to destroy the other player’s commander card first.

Gameplay reminds me of a tactical miniatures game without the hassle of setting up all the miniatures. Fast paced, easy to learn game is always a win win in my book.

Give It To the King!

Project by: The Flux Capacity

Here’s an interesting little filler game that takes a little bit of strategy and a little bit of luck, but looks like tons of fun to play. The object of the game is run your messenger down the hall and be the first one to give his/her message to the king. You do this by rolling your dice and moving . . . Your opponent’s messengers?

Yep that’s right. Your opponent’s messengers. If you move your messenger than your turn is over and you have to pass the 6D to the next player, but if you move anybody else messenger, than you can roll again and chose who you want to move. The one little quirk with the die is that if you roll a one, than the player that is in last place moves to front of the pack!

Your messages also can be turned over and exhausted for some kind of game advantage, but than you can’t score the gold from it if you reach the king. And of course, he/she who holds the most gold at the end of the couple of passes down the hall, wins!

Not sure how fun it would be with two players, but with three or 4, this looks like one helluva ‘take anywhere type’ of game!

Now that your pipe has been fully loaded and inhaled, check back next week for more Crackstarter goodness. And as always . . .

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