Sessions Deluxe: Rollin’ Romantically

Be Stealthy, You Love Rogue 

Shhh! Don’t tell your partner that you read this. You want the full Charisma bonus, and I want you to have it too. Play out the following session with the most passion you can muster. This is a night of gaming both of you will never forget.

Let’s put some gamer “logic” to work:

Relationships take work; you want yours to keep working.

You both love role-playing.

You should put your role-

playing experience to work and cultivate that romance.

 WARNING: This is not going to be as juicy as it seems. Sorry.


NOTE: I recommend you read no further until one day before your date if you suspect your everyday self will sabotage it. Reading it that very night might be best. It is written as if date night is when you are prepping. However, If you are feeling extra romantic and confident, go ahead and start reading. Some people like more session prep than others.

Create Your Character

Tonight you are LARPing as your most romantic self. This is the ideal you. This is not how you act everyday, but you can do it. Picture yourself as the most kind, playful, and present person you can.

You may even decide that your character–your ideal, romantic self–can be described by those three qualities; you are Kind, Playful, and Present. Rate all of those attributes at maximum. Don’t doubt yourself. You have role-played crazier concepts than this one and have done so awesomely. PWN your everyday self tonight, and level up.

Meet at the Tavern

Clichés are clichés because they are often true. So, you don’t need an excuse to arrive at the bar at the same time. You have an adventure tonight, and that adventure requires that you arrive at the right place at just the right time. Yes, you meet at a tavern. Imagine that the bartender is the quest-bearer. Act as if he is speaking to you in code. What is he saying? Talk about it. This is a great way to revisit flirting with that person you have been with for a while.

Remember the Passion

Regardless of the interpretations of the bartenders words you two have made, he definitely also told you that you must eat at the best Chinese restaurant available. Chopsticks are in your near future. You have a job to do. 

STATUS CHECK: When you arrive you may already be slipping out of character. Excuse yourself after ordering a nice meal and get back into character. Remember how highly statted your romantic attributes are and start LARPing again. 

Back at the table, mention how cool it is that you both love RPGs. If you are lucky, this is how you met. If so, recall that deep eye contact you two enjoyed when that cute dwarven warrior you now love rolled a critical. You both knew what that gaze meant. Now, strike while the iron is hot and break out Nick Wedig’s Fortune Cookies and Nuclear War game. It fits on a business card, so no excuses. The thematic precision will woo like whoa. You are clever. You went Chinese for a reason, baby.

Pour some tea, talk about the game, and insist that you pay again next time regardless of the outcome.

Discover Good Fortune on the Quest

This step requires some game prep. I stole it from 1001 Ways to Be Romantic. You are an adorable thief as you use tweezers to remove existing fortunes from store bought fortune cookies. Write your own sweet fortunes on similar slips of paper, and insert them with care into the same cookies you pickpocketed.

Offer your dear a couple of the best ones as you drive home. Tell your date that you took them from the restaurant to ensure more surprise.

You have cast a powerful love spell.

Reaching Your Destination

Let’s face it; you have earned some serious XP by this time. Use that to level up your LARP skills. You now have the romantic improv specialty. Break out Emily Care Boss’s Breaking the Ice. In the game, you will role-play three dates. Show your partner how unbelievably fantastic your future dates will be. Anticipation builds!


This is not the resolution of this tonight’s story. Share the loot evenly. Love reigns supreme again, the most benevolent monarch the world has ever seen. You have saved the kingdom.

Pat yourself on the back, hero.

Plan Your Next Session

It’s not over yet. You have to decide on your next date night right now before life’s goblins get in the way. The quest you have begun might last for a long, long time if you plan your adventures thoughtfully. After the date is set, guard it with a magical sword and buckler. Guard it with your life. The next date is going to be epic…and the one after that…and the one after that….


Pete Figtree is a teacher, a father, and a gamer who runs the Ruthless Diastema Blogcast, a proud member of the Geeky and Genki Network. He strives to maintain a life of ruthless gaming, learning, and living. His blogcast’s tagline expresses this mission: Loading the Dice for a Meaningful Life.

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