Introducing the Fencing Frog

Greetings!  Jonathan asked me to join this merry band of gaming writers and I have obviously accepted his invitation.

fencingRoleplaying games originated in Wargames and my own journey moved in the opposite direction.   While, like most, boys I played a lot with toy soldiers as a kid I would hardly call those Wargames in fashion I call them now.  No it was the old Red Box for D&D that started my journey.

It was not long before I started painting a few miniatures to use in the game my group toyed with Battle-system but it foundered on our lack of money (a problem for any high school student).  When I went to Marquette University I met Rob Burr and he introduced me to a game called Warfare in the Age of Reason and a shop called Napoleon’s (they advertised in the school paper with the line 6000 years of carnage all under one roof) and I started paining my first armies in 15mm.  Rob and I enjoyed many war games both miniatures and chit based games.  Volley and Bayonet was a favorite for its simple rules as often we had to teach people on the fly.

After I moved back home I returned to Roleplaying games but war gaming was what I really wanted.  Slowly I found the community here in New England mostly playing Flames of War but with a good deal of Volley and Bayonet, Black Powder, and more recently Maurice. 

In 2009 I launched a blog Fencing Frog to cover my gaming and painting.  The first few years were rather slow but over time its grown and really started to grown in 2012 as I got more connected with a wider gaming community here in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.  This was how I connected with Jon and in the fullness of time came to be writing this post.

The Name: “Fencing Frog” deserves a small explanation I am a member of a revolutionary war Reenacting group The Regiment Saintonge.  We portray a body of French Soldiers who served in North American During the American War of Independence, I have French ancestry and I am a bit of a Francophile  hence “Frog.”  I also have an interest in Swordplay and have studied historic fencing in manuals and at one time belonged to a club that studied these with “real” (blunt replica) blades.  I do demonstration of historic sword fighting at encampments so that come out to Fencing Frog.

Possible future topics building an Imagi-Nation; Wargaming product reviews, painting and terrain building, some history relating war games and naturally After Action Reports of games played.  Hope you all enjoy.

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