Six months of RPG self-publishing experience condensed into a one hour video


The always interest Pete Figtree got it into his head to host a rather large hangout with a bunch of independent RPG creators talking about self-publishing RPGs. More than just discussing it, we go in a fairly orderly way from getting started to getting your product finished and available for sale.

Featured are these five amazing folks, Meguey Baker, Daniel Hodges, F. Douglas Wall, Kevin Crawford and James Carpio (who’s G+ accounts are linked below) and myself too!

Major props to Pete Figtree who decided to take on a task akin to herding cats without a laser pointer. The hangout was a hell of a lot of fun, and there’s a ton of knowledge, tips and tricks to be gleaned from it. If you’ve ever considered publishing your own gaming works,  watch this and save yourself at least a few months of frustration. Climb up that learning curve faster!

Meguey Baker , Ben Gerber Daniel Hodges , F. Douglas Wall ,Kevin Crawford James Carpio

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