GE41: How to Geek Out Your Wedding with Angelia Parenteau

Close your eyes and picture this scene in your mind. A woman wielding a hatchet hovers over a man sleeping on a couch. She prepares to smash into his head with the hatchet. Of what is this a scene? A wedding, of course,

Angelia Parenteau discusses her horror-themed wedding and tells how she geeked out her special day with the things she loves.

We apologize for the audio quality of this episode. Skype suffered technical difficulties that were not evident until after the episode was recorded. We regret the inconvenience this has caused.


Places Mentioned in the Episode

  1. Lizzie Borden House Bed & Breakfast Museum
  2. Governor Sprague Mansion, Rhode Island
  3. Governor Sprague Mansion is HAUNTED



How will you geek out your special day?

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