Free Comic Book Day 2013

FCBD2013-FreeI just came back from Free Comic Book Day 2013.

You may have heard me discuss this on GE37: 5 Reasons Free Comic Book Day is Awesome.

Down the street from my house is a New England Comics.  As a child and teen my parents, and those of my friends, would bring my friends and I to NEC to gape and buy the latest issues that our meager allowances could afford.

We loved titles by Image with our emphasis being on Spawn.  Al Simmons made a deal with the Devil and was stuck as one of the Dark One’s Hellspawn…his breed of generals that would lead the armies of Hell in the final war with Heaven.  Beautifully illustrated and written it was more mature than my adolescent mind could handle at the time.

Many years passed and I’m delighted to return to NEC Norwood.  New managers and a new store layout opens up the store.  The location is in the center of town.  You cannot miss it today.  Superheroes stand at the intersection with signs saying “Free Comic Book Day” and arrows pointing towards the store.

Below are some pictures of my loot.  NEC allows people to take 2 free comics from the table, 2 free comics from a box of older, and presumably harder to move, titles along with a copy of the special 2013 issue of the Tick.  NEC created the Tick, which you may have seen in the 90s on TV on the Fox channel.

FCBD2013-GI-JoeOn top of that NEC is running a few special deals.  They offer 30% off any title from their racks.  These are current comics but ones that are not the newest arrival.  I snagged two G.I. Joes titles.

They are also donating 100% of proceeds of specific Marvel titles to One Fund Boston.  Marvel titles excite me and any chance to help out a good charity is something I cannot pass.

  • The Avengers #1
  • Fantastic Four #1
  • Fearless Defenders #1
  • Incredible Hulk #1
  • Thor #1
  • X-Men #1

FCBD2013-One-Fund-BostonThe new manager asked me if I wanted to pay full price or discounted (these titles were from the 30% off rack) for the Marvel books.  He said they offer both to customers and either way they’ll donate 100% of what is paid to the fund.  I eagerly said I’d pay full price.

I walked into the store with expectations of fun and hope that this would be a positive experience to bring me back to NEC as a regular customer.  I left with many amazing books and happiness in my heart.

Have you been to FCBD?  What titles did you pick up?  Tell us about your local comic book store and why it is awesome.


One thought on “Free Comic Book Day 2013

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  1. I have a hefty pull list as it is, but I enjoy FCBD as previews for things I might be interested in, or random things I mightn’t ordinarily buy. They’ve certainly introduced me to a lot of things I felt sorry for missing and when I can, I like to bring my non-comic-reading friends along for future assimilation purposes. Even if you aren’t a super-hero fan, there are a lot of different genres of books out there to please people.

    Past FCBDs introduced me to great books like The Stuff of Legend, Atomic Robo, Wake the Dreaming, Spontaneous, Dune, Bad Medicine, Dinosaurs vs. Aliens (the title alone is worth the snag), Haunt, and The Sixth Gun.

    Sadly, I missed out this time around.


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