Need a little help talking to kids about bad things?


I live less than 20 miles from the finish line of the Boston Marathon. While my family is lucky in the sense that we were not personally affected by the bombings, we do know people who were.

Among all of us that have to deal with the senselessness and horror of this event, I know my kids are deeply effected by this. Especially in the case of my younger daughter.  Kids don’t always have the vocabulary and certainly don’t have the emotional intelligence of an adult – and it can be very hard for them to verbalize their fears, concerns and questions about events like this.  They internalize their fears and just can’t always talk about them easily with us adults. The ones charged with protecting them and easing their pain, both physical and emotional, as best we can.

A few years ago I created a simple little game called Argyle & Crew, partly to address this very issue. Using sock puppets and creative role play, it can be a tool for allowing children to express their concerns and fears in a controlled, fun and positive environment.

If you’re someone with kids of their own, or who work with kids who need a creative outlet – whether to express their feelings or simply take their minds of current events, you may find this helpful. If so, I’d love for you to have a copy. This link will bring you to DriveThruRPG’s site (you’ll need an account there) and put a PDF copy of Argyle & Crew into your cart for free.

Argyle & Crew will be free until the end of this month, for whatever reason you’d care to download it. Please help yourself and hopefully this will bring a few more smiles to life.


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