Wargaming Recon #87: TotalCon 27


TotalCon 27.

Fix yourself a snack, sit in a comfy chair, and ready yourself to listen to a mammoth Wargaming Recon episode.

Total Confusion 27 is discussed at length. Jonathan recorded audio live at the con from his hotel room. That audio forms the first hour of this episode. The second hour covers Friday night through Sunday mid-morning of the con. The second half of the show was recorded after the con in the Wargaming Recon studio.

So much happened at the con that it is difficult to recount it all in the show notes. Instead, we hope you will enjoy the episode and read the below thanks.

We’d like to thank:

  • Angelia Parenteau, TotalCon’s Promotional Director, along with Steven Parenteau and the rest of the TotalCon staff for making this year’s event a HUGE success.
  • Industry guest Ben Gerber, and his wife, for a game-filled fun Friday evening with Wayne Moulton, Jr. of the Sages of the RPG. We played some great games, like Tugboat, and talked shop. Ben is the host of Indie Talks and co-host of Growing Geeks with Tristan Tarwater. Both shows can be found on the Troll in the Corner Podcast Network.
  • Industry guest Peter “Blix” Bryant, from Studio187 and the Tri Tac Games Podcast, for running an incredible Cube of Death (listen to Geeks Explicitly #13 Cube of Death for a review). This was Jonathan’s first time playing and it was a blast. Many thanks to Blix’s sponsors who provided the $5 Game Crafter gift certificated and Puerto Rico computer game that was given to Cube of Death players.
  • Industry guest Jay Libby who is the co-owner of Dilly Green Bean Games. He is sending us a review copy of his superhero RPG titled G-Core. Jay is a fun guy who hosts an awesome cocktail hour. Next year Jonathan aims to snag an invite to the epic fun.
  • Vendors Brenden Hill and Jeremy Brown of Crossroad Games in Standish, Maine. They were a joy to hang out with Friday evening. Lots of great conversation and a love of Downton Abbey. Buy lots of games from them when you’re near Portland, Maine.
  • Listener Patrick for making TotalCon 27 my best con memory. Had so much fun playing Zombie Dice, chilling at the GM Social, and chatting until the wee hours of the morning. It was truly a blast!
  • Chad Ellis, owner of Your Move Games in Somerville Mass, for taking the time to explain his game Battleground. He showed us how it works, discussed the benefits of the game, and gave us some great review product. Afterwards he gave listeners Adrian and Cort a demo. We know Battleground will become a new regular game for us to play. Ask your local stores to stock it!
  • Vendor Foam Brain Games for stocking Gloom, We Didn’t Playtest This at All, and Win Lose or Banana. They gave a very enjoyable demo of Win, Lose or Banana. A silly and fun game only costing $1. You can’t beat that!
  • New listener Chris V. aka Boston Greek Geek for being a huge fan of the game Ninja by Ben Gerber. It was a lot of fun talking to Chris about the game and discovering that he lives not far from us and knows a few of our friends.
  • Vendor The Dragon’s Lair for their dedication to protecting the security of their customers. It is rare to find a business, let alone con vendor, to be so concerned for their customer’s welfare. It was greatly appreciated.
  • Listeners Adrian and Cort. You carried a heavy burden for Battle of Freeman’s Farm. You both created beautifully painted models and terrain that shone on the table. The event would not have been a success without you.
  • Blix’s friends Mike and Brian who, along with Blix, welcomed me to their breakfast table on the Sunday at the con. We discussed podcasting and they shared many useful tips. Not to mention they are funny guys! You need to listen to their podcast the Con Men Podcast, which discusses conventions across America.
  • Jonathan’s incredible wife who encouraged him to attend the con, stay over, and is always supportive and understanding of his many hobbies. None of this would be possible without her love and support. Why not check out her cake decorating blog at The Cake Is Not A Lie.

  • Troll in the Corner Podcast Network

    Wargaming Recon belongs to the Troll in the Corner Podcast Network (TCPN). You may like some of the other shows on the network.

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    Growing Geeks Logo – monthly on the 2nd Monday. A podcast that discusses parenting as geeks and using those skills to raise the next generation of awesome people.

    Promos for the TCPN podcasts appear at the end of the show. Many thanks to Jeremy Kostiew, Troll ITC’s logo designer, for the amazing logos. Check out his portfolio at MightyNightGaunt.com

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    Penny for Your Thoughts

    We hope you enjoy this episode of Wargaming Recon and welcome your feedback. Send it all to:

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    This recording is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

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