Jonathan’s TotalCon 2013 Schedule


TotalCon begins this Thursday!  After months of planning the time draws near when I get to see tons of amazing people.  The list of industry guests is impressive, as always, and there is a multitude of events to attend.

This year I will be in attendance with Troll in the Corner owner, Indie Talks host, and Growing Geeks co-host Ben Gerber.  We have some events together and other times we’re splitting off to view the con from different angles.  You can be sure that we will discuss our experiences on our respective podcasts.  Indie Talks and Growing Geeks will definitely get Ben’s take while Wargaming Recon and Geeks Explicitly mine.  Maybe we’ll also appear on each other’s shows for our shared views.

If you are coming to TotalCon this year, I’d love to meet you.  Below you can find my public con schedule.  Just look for the tall guy wearing either a Wargaming Recon t-shirt or TotalCon t-shirt or Battleground Games t-shirt.  I’ll try to post my wardrobe on Facebook for each day so you can more easily find me.


Friday February 22

3pm Dice Tower Live Podcast

Tom Vasel & Eric Summerer create an episode of the Dice Tower, live.  I’ll be in the audience enjoying the experience and learning as much as possible.

5pm Cube of Death/Dinner

Peter “Blix” Bryant of Tri Tac Games Podcast and the ConMen Podcast returns with another Cube of Death tournament.  This blends D&D and geek trivia.  Come see me make a fool of myself as I join Ben Gerber’s team, along with Wayne Moulton Jr. of Sages of RPG, in our attempt to win the tournament.

7pm Tri Tac Live Podcast

Peter “Blix” Bryant of Tri Tac Games, and his co-hosts, create this live episode.  They discuss how to run a successful horror campaign.  You can bet that I’ll pick Blix’s podcasting brain.  Hopefully I’ll learn enough from the two live podcast episodes to be able to run my own before too long.

8pm ???????

It is super secret.  After the Tri Tac Live Podcast I’ll be in the free play area looking for pickup games, chatting with fellow attendees, popping into the GM Social, and on the prowl for other fun.

11pm Podcast the Day’s Events

When I return to my hotel room I am recording my thoughts on the day.  With luck I may even be able to edit and release the recordings from the con, for your listening pleasure.

Saturday February 23

9am How to run a convention

Con staff, including Promotional Director Angelia Parenteau, share the do’s and don’t’s of running a convention.  No, I won’t be running a con anytime soon.  My purpose is to be supportive of Promotional Director Angelia and the other great con staff who have always been incredibly supportive of my podcasts.  I’m not a morning person so I’ll be the guy sitting in the back, half-asleep, wondering if he got enough sleep.

10am Breakfast

Man can’t live on gaming alone.  As Napoleon famously said, “an army marches on its stomach” and so too do I.

Noon Lunch with YourMoveGames

Chad Ellis, owner of YourMoveGames, will discuss his game Battleground and teach me how to play.  I’ll do my best to capture some audio.

1pm Vendor Hall

Time to peruse the vendor hall and maybe make a few purchases.

3pm Project London

Over 774 special effects in Project London, a sci-fi movie funded by Kickstarter for under $23,000.  Can’t wait to enjoy the show.

5pm Dinner

Adrian, Cort, and I will dine on a sumptuous meal as we talk over final prep for our event at 7pm.

7pm Battle of Freeman’s Farm

I am GMing the Battle of Freeman’s Farm, with Adrian and Cort.  American Patriots meet a combined force of British, German, and Native American troops in a “must win” battle for British General John Burgoyne.  General Burgoyne needs a clear-cut victory but will he get it?  Or, will General Benedict Arnold’s inspired leadership save the day for the Americans?

The fog of war descends as leading elements of the British army approach loyalist John Freeman’s farm just 4 miles north of Saratoga, New York…

Come join in the fun.  We provide all the models, terrain, and materials you need to play our recreation of this historical battle from the American Revolution.  We’re using 10mm models and Warlord Games’ Black Powder rules.

11pm Podcast the Day’s Events

When I return to my hotel room I am recording my thoughts on the day.  With luck I may even be able to edit and release the recordings from the con, for your listening pleasure.

Sunday February 24

11am Podcasting 1.0

Panelist Ben Gerber assures me that he’s dragging me onto the panel with him to share my knowledge of podcasting.  Tom Vasel and Peter “Blix” Bryant are also supposed to be on the panel.  Come learn the error of our ways and our successes in an effort to help you find the joy of podcasting.

Noon Adios

After Podcasting 1.0 I’m heading home.

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