Ben’s Total Confusion XVII Schedule – in which I go to play games and talk a lot


Total Confusion XXVII is nearly upon us! February 21-24 will bring New England’s largest gaming convention. You can find all of us at the Holiday Inn at Mansfield MA – and pre-reg is still open for another week or so.

Here’s your chance to sit down and rub elbows with  some amazing industry guests like Tim Kask, Tom Vasel, Eric Summerer, James Carpio, Peter Bryant, Jay Libby, Nik Palmer, Frank Mentzer, Michael Curtis, Mark Edwards,  and more! Awesome vendors, industry folks, Gygax Magazine panels and all of us just hanging out where you can play a game with us or just say hello!

I’ll be there, along with TC Editor Jonathan, and I’m doing a ton of events this year. If you’re interested in seeing what I do, hanging out or listening to a few panels, podcasts or fictional dramatizations then here’s where you’ll find me.

Friday, February 22

5pm – Cube of Death – Main Lobby (With Jonathan J!)

Cube of Death is a game show that combines a basic trivia game with table top role playing. This is played with two teams of three per game. Every round the host asks each team a trivia question and if they get it right they get to roll 1d6 damage to the opposing team. Each team has 50 hit points. The first to run out of points loses the match and is eliminated. Each player can chose a class (thief, wizard, barbarian, etc.) to play and each class has a special ability they can use during the game. There are also special questions that generate special rules.

8pm – Curse of the Red Death – P014 

This is a full cast live reading of the short story Curse of the Red Death. The Red Death is a plague that infects the host and turns them into raging, infectious, maniacs. Our tales starts in a meat cellar where our heroes are hold up. Will they wait for help or make a break and fight their way through the infected? Only one way to find out….

9pm – Midnight at the Welcome Wench – P015

This is a full cast live reading of the short story Midnight at the Welcome Wench. It is the sequel to the Curse of the Red Death. Find out what happened to the survivors of the Red Death as they make their way to the Welcome Wench. A double cross will put the crew of the Banshee in peril and will force one man to choose between honor and duty.

9:45 – whenever – I’ll be hanging out, pulling some games outta my bag and looking for people to relax and play a game with!

Saturday, February 23

10am – Board Games then and Now – P022

A discussion of board games from the 70’s on up through last week. I’ll be on this panel with freaking Tom Vasel and freaking Tim Kask and freaking Frank Mentzer!

11am GM’s Workshop – P023

Need some help breaking through that block? Or just need an interesting plot hook. Come to our GM workshop get the ideas you need to give your players the adventure they deserve. Over 100 years of experience among our panelist.

1pm – Talisman! – B164

The game is full up, but feel free to swing by and say hello as I attempt to beat my wife for the first time in Talisman!

5pm -> Eating, gaming, hanging around until midnight when I will vanish into a secret location.

Sunday, February 24

9am – Zombie Survival Guide – P025

When the zombies start their attack on humanity will you know what to do? More importantly will our industry guest stars know how to survive so they can keep on gaming after its all over!

11am – Podcasting 101 P027

Always wanted to know how past casts are done or how to get involved with one? Stop in and get information from the professionals who fill the net with their stories.

Noon -> I’m hoping to get in a viewing of Project London, but time may be working against me here! Also grabbing some lunch and then it’s back to reality.

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