Sponsor Post: Minecraft the experience and finding a great server through MinePick


Minecraft. If you haven’t heard about it you must have lived in a cave for the last four years as it’s daily written about on different sites all around the web. The main reason why it’s so popular is of course that it’s an awesome game. An other reason is most likely because it was created by only one person from the start and became such a wonderful success story.

Minecraft servers
Minecraft is an on-going developing game and not long ago Minecraft reached a new milestone – 20 million registered users. As the game grows more game servers are created. Currently there are thousands of servers out there, some more active than others. This really creates a need for server lists to be created in order to keep track on every one of them. MinePick is one such server list. It’s fairly new but is growing quickly. The main goal is to offer Minecraft owners a website where they can submit their servers for free and give Minecraft players servers to play on. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

You can play Minecraft both online and offline. If you choose to play online there are many different servers to choose to play on. Each server usually offer something unique. There are servers that focus wholeheartedly on PvP while others focus on building. There is really something for everyone.

You can of course also host your own server. To get it going it’s recommended submitting it to MinePick as that’s a free source for new players on your server. However, if you want your server to reach the top rankings in the list it requires it to get many votes. As Minecraft players are usually quite lazy and do not vote for nothing you can use a Minecraft plugin called Votifier. It allows you to give your players in-game benefits as they vote. As you get more votes and reach higher rankings you feed your players with happiness through rewards in-game.


What is Minecraft about?
There is no specific goal in Minecraft you must achieve in order to win. The possibility to win doesn’t even exist as it’s a game where you are set in a world where you decide what you want to do with the time you spend in-game. The world is made of cubic blocks you can destroy or pick up which you can use to build things in-game.

If you want to be able to play Minecraft online you must first buy a copy of the game. It can be done by visiting Minecraft’s official website and it costs currently 19.95 euro. Once you have purchased the game you will have a lifelong membership with free updates of the game. Very cheap compared to other games out there.

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