Ninja – Silent but Deadly is now available for you to own! From free to $12, you pays your money, you gets your ninjas!

Ninja Silent but Deadly

The ninjas are here! The ninjas are here!

Ninja – Silent but Deadly

Ninjas! Their very name conjures images of black clad, highly trained assassins. Or pictures on the internet of a bunch of empty chairs with captions like “Ninja convention LOL”. Now, the mystique, the power, the meme can be yours to use as you see fit.

Ninja – Silent but Deadly is more than just a game. It’s a prank delivery system. A tiny little piece of tabletop gaming art. A meta-game to be played in the background, silently, with ninja like skills.

There are several ways to use these cards and this game box that are listed here, and most likely a hundred more that have not been thought of yet. Here you’ll find four suggestions on how to use Ninja! Silent but Deadly.

Available right now


Deluxe Ninja Edition from The Game Crafter for $11.99 – The game box. The cards. The rules. The only way to prank your gaming buddies with an empty N-SbD box! Get it now and rejoice in your ability to fully utilize your inner ninja and have a sweet looking box to place on your gaming shelf. This edition comes with both the base game, and the Even Silenter expansion, the nice box pictured above and even instructions! Place your order and download the PDFs immediately!

Or, get the Ninja – Silent but Deadly the Print and Play and Paper Cut Edition is available entirely for free, from DriveThruRPG! That’s right, spend less money on this game than you’d spend on sitting at home on your couch not being a ninja, all from the convenience of your home or work computer! Grab the base set of Ninja – Silent but Deadly and then latch on to the Even Silenter expansion – both absolutely free!

Very soon now, a nicely printed set of cards (with the rules as a PDF) will be available at DriveThruCards as well! If you’d like to have professional quality cards and forgo the box I poured my blood, sweat and blood into, this is the way to do it.


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