My entire family has been attacked by Ninjas. On the whole, we enjoyed it.

Ideal Ninja is ideal!
Ideal Ninja is ideal!

The Game

I certainly would not have tagged Ninja – Silent but Deadly as a family game. It just never occurred to me that those outside of regular gamers would be all that interested in it.

I was wrong, so wrong.

A few days ago my 7 year old found a stack of You Lose! cards hanging out on my desk. After I explained what they were, I offered to let her have one, and being the human squirrel that she is, she jumped at this and vanished with the card. An hour and a half later my family was preparing to leave the house for some reason or another, and my oldest found an envelope stuffed into her jacket. Curious, she opened it and became the first person in my family to lose at N-SbD.

Later that evening, my youngest lost as she discovered that same card hidden in her pajamas. Thus the battle was engaged in full. Our household began to rapidly hire a ninja per person so as not to be left entirely defenseless.

Yesterday evening, as my day was winding to a close and I was enjoying the last book in the Riftwar series, a You Lose! card fell out of the book. A quick bit of searching and I saw that my oldest had been the first to take a swing at her parents. This morning, as they awoke, both of my children should have found cards shoved into the clothing they had picked out for the day.

I imagine the attacks will only get more elaborate and subtle from here on.

Already, if I don’t sell a single unit of this game, the development and prototyping costs (a total of $29.17) was well worth it just to have fun with my family.

Production and Classification Issues

I’ve also run into an interesting problem. I’m trying to get a BoardGameGeek page up for this. But they can’t classify it as a traditional ‘board game’ seeing as it could play out over hours or years. They suggested it may fit into their RPGGeek site, so I’ll wander over there and try it. Hopefully I’ll be able to establish an outside reference page for this somewhere, but if not, it’ll go onto my list of gaming stuff I’ve made that is not easily classifiable.

TheGameCrafter has run into a problem printing their small boxes (the one I’ve used) and until that’s resolved, I won’t be receiving my prototype of the Deluxe edition, which is also problematic. N-SbD Deluxe is going to become the standard edition for purchase – coming with the box, 10 You Lose! cards and 5 additional cards to enhance play, along with both sets of instructions. I’m a little leery on getting the free PDFs online before the physical version is available, but if I get no more news by this Wednesday, the free Print and Play versions are going live.

I suppose I could release both versions – there’s only be a dollar difference in the price for the 5 extra cards, but I worry that would create a bit of confusion. Why have two versions when for an extra buck, you could get everything you need?

There’s my ninja news for today. Expect a release announcement no later than Wednesday, at least for the free to download, print and play versions of Ninja.

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