GE27: 5 Great Fandom Homes

The 5 best homes from fandom are ranked.  Bilbo’s house from Lord of the Rings, not in this list, or perhaps Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, also not on this list, might be some of your favorites.


5 Great Fandom Homes

  • #5 Leonard & Sheldon’s Apartment from Big Bang Theory (check out the floorplan)
  • #4 Tokyo-3 from Neon Genesis Evangelion (read the entry on Evangelion Wiki)
  • #3 Serenity from Firefly and Serenity (watch the Youtube set tour)
  • #2 Batcave/Wayne Manor from Batman (Wikipedia article)
  • #1 Death Star from Star Wars(Wookieepedia article)


Tell us what your favorite fandom homes are by e-mailing or leaving a comment on this post.

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One thought on “GE27: 5 Great Fandom Homes

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  1. SARAH from Eureka was pretty awesome! And the Greystone’s house in Caprica? Eh? I’m also partial to DS9 just because of all the stuff you can do on the station and if you need a little planet time, head on down to Bajor!


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