It’s good to have friends!

It’s good to have friends!


See people, here’s a concrete example of why I have a policy of always being nice to folks whenever I can. A while back, I somehow managed to get in touch with game designer Alf Seegert online. He was a cool guy and we struck up something of an internet friendship. Now, not only have I got to get a glimpse into the world of game design and publishing, but I also got a laminated, signed bit of Sanderson paraphernalia!

A million thanks to Alf Seegert who was awesome enough to be selected to host the Worlds of Fantasy series and who thoughtfully got this book for me. And huge multiple zeros at the end thanks to Brandon Sanderson who was kind enough to sign the flyer! Brandon even dedicated it to Troll in the Corner. I am officially stoked. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Alf’s games, and Brandon’s books so it’s like a twofer of amazing.

Alf is also slowly selling me on personal laminating machines too. That flyer is laminated and will now last until the heat death of the Universe! He also claims they’re the bomb when it comes to game prototyping.

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