Check this out! The Noteboard – a collapsable dry erase doohicky that is perfect for gaming

The Noteboard in all its folded glory!
The Noteboard in all its folded glory!

I stumbled across this little device earlier this morning and it was instantly appealing to me. It’s such a simple concept that it’s a wonder it hasn’t been done like this before. And even better, it’s only $10 – which blows away a lot of the competition, and it’s available directly from Amazon.

What it is? It’s a collapsable dry erase board, scored with a square-inch grid (black), a hexagonal-inch grid (blue), and a square-centimeter grid (red) printed right on it. It’s also blank on the other side. Even cooler, it folds from 35″ x 15″ to 5″ x 3″; weights 4 oz. and fits right in your pocket. It’s one contiguous surface, cut to notecard size, but with folds left intact. Then it’s laminated. So you have a 35″ x 15″ dry erase map board sitting in your pocket. And it comes with a little carrying case and a black marker.

While lots of folks will find this handy for RPG stuff, from mapping to character notes to encounter cards and whatnot, what is immediately appealing to me is its use in board game prototyping. I’m always looking to mock up game boards to try one thing or another. It’s a real time sink to do it all up on computer or freehand it on some cheesy paper and then scribble out the bits you don’t want. It’s a mess.

This thing looks to be entirely perfect for what I’m looking to do. I can prototype a game board surface as rapidly as I can free hand it, and then instantly revise using a slightly damp paper towel. Brilliant! The links above go to, where it’s $10 an prime eligible. I also encourage you to check out the Noteboard’s own website for more info. They even do custom designs and printing for you!

UPDATE: I got it! It’s amazing! Perfect for modeling game boards, and even mocking up individual cards. I’ve reviewed it on Amazon as well – great product!

noteboard1 noteboard2

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