The Most Mathematically Correct Lists Presents: 100 numbers between 1 and 100!

I’ve noticed an awful lot of lists appearing on DriveThruRPG lately.

Not wanting to miss the boat, I’m working on my own line of PDFs that will feature 100 of this, or 100 of that. This first one is free, as I’m just testing the waters.

I present to you all:

The Most Mathematically Correct Lists Presents:  100 numbers between 1 and 100!

Please help me spread the word on this!

A few examples of what you’ll find within:

43. 43

17. 17

98. 98

And 97 other numbers! The book aslo features a picture of sliced bread! The greatest thing since… well, since anything else!

This book is system neutral, meaning you can use it with any game system which may require a number located between 1 and 100. Not only that, but should you need a number betwee 1 and 100 even outside of your gaming career – this book will do that!

Amaze your friends and co-workers, impress the boss and be a veritable font of guaranteed mathematically correct numbers between 1 and 100!

This is a Creative Commons licensed product.

6 thoughts on “The Most Mathematically Correct Lists Presents: 100 numbers between 1 and 100!

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  1. They’re not a recent development! I know that one of the people selling them is a goon who saw just how many there were, and thought he’d give it a go. He posts sales charts occasionally – he’s getting good sales, even though he started fairly recently and the lists have been big sellers for years – you’d think the market was glutted, but no.

    What can I say? Sometimes you just want a list, and $1 is cheap.

    (the only List of X Things products I own are ones that were free in bundles or sales, I don’t tend to want a list. but some people do.)


    1. See, that makes me honestly wonder if I should start developing lists and selling them for a buck.

      100 awkward NPC reactions to being talked at by a high level wizard.

      100 strange and esoteric boots.

      100 historically unwieldy weapons.

      I could make a fortune!


      1. If you put a minimum standard of effort in, and write entertaining descriptions for a dozen or so a week, chances are you’d get sales.

        I’m far too lazy to do it myself.

        Wait, I mean, no, don’t even think of doing it, it’s a terrible idea. Makes keeping an eye on new releases marginally more annoying, and I have to scroll past a few more items each day! 😛


      1. I’m glad it is doing so well. When you first mentioned it I thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Couldn’t believe anyone would want a list of just numbers. Lists of info are hard to defend copyright-wise too.


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