Project London the movie now available to pre-order via Kickstarter!

Project London pre-orders are here! 

774 special effects shots.  Almost no budget.  All volunteer. Open source software. Welcome to the crazy awesome world of Project London – a feature length SciFi extravaganza.  We’ve covered Project London before and I think it’s going to be one hell of a film.  The production work that’s gone in to it, strictly on a voluntary basis using open source software no less, is amazing.  We’ve also had dealings with one of the actors featured in the movie as well, and I’m excited to see Jen in a special effects laden, scifi epic!

I was so very excited to see this Kickstarter launched! TC’s been following this project for quite some time and now you have 37 days left to get involved too! Order this move – from everything I’ve seen it’s going to be amazing! Plus you’ll be supporting a whole new way of creating modern, effects laden movies. Crowd sourced, open sourced, volunteer – and for $20 you get the DVD. $25 delivers the Blu-Ray and there’s lots of extras you can add on as well!

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