Wargaming Recon #83: Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012.

December is here and that means it is time for another installment of the annual holiday gift guide. Don’t worry, Jonathan mistakenly says “Holiday Gift Guide 2013” in the episode but he really means 2012

This year there are a couple of changes. The price categories are now Under $20, Under $50, and $100 and Up. Also, categories have 3 recommendations in each instead of 5 from previous years.

Jonathan’s List
Under $20

  1. Zombie Dice [affiliate link]-$13.99 Amazon.
  2. Dragon Chow Dice Bags-$13 Dragon Chow
  3. Wally Simon’s Secrets of Wargame Design Volume 1-$19 On Military Matters

Under $50

  1. Hexographer-$25.95 Inkwell Ideas
  2. Angels 20 2 Player Starter-$27.95 12-7-Games.com (our sponsor)
  3. Wargaming on a Budget by Iain Dickie [affiliate link]-$25.47 Amazon

$100 and Up

  1. Battleboards Terrain Boards-$80 per 2ftx2ft board, $480 for a 4×6 table worth
  2. iPad Mini-$329 Apple
  3. Magazine Subscription Bundle of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 1yr Digital Subscription [affiliate link]-$19.41 and Battlegames Magazine 1yr Paper Subscription-$87 or $106.41 combined

Don’t forget your local game stores! Some great stores near Massachusetts are:

Also discussed:

  • Change to release schedule for the holidays. New Episode on December 3rd and 17th. Then a break until new episode on January 7, 2013.

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