Troll in the Corner Holiday Gift Guide: For the GM

What do you get that special someone in your life? No, not your love interest or spouse. Your Game Master, crazyhead! The gift giving season is upon us and many of us are wondering what to get the person who holds the lives of our adventuring party in their hands. Before you’re rushing over with an impromptu gift of a Crown Royal bag full of dice and a case of Mountain Dew, check out these suggestions from some of our very own Trolls!

Buddy McGehee, editor: Since the GM is the one in many groups that normally gets ALL THE BOOKZORZ, it’d be awesome to help him or her out in that regard. Maybe a nice gift card or gift certificate to the local or online FGS from which he or she purchases those books.  The whole group can chip in to get an even bigger card if need be.  Your GM will appreciate it and will *probably* not use whatever’s in the book to kill your characters.  No promises on that though.

Brent Newhall
, editor and creator of Monsters of the Shattered World: Cool generic maps are always fun, as are setting books. Generally, I most appreciate food.

Ben Gerber
, owner and Leader of the Troll Horde: I say alcohol. If any players bring me a craft beer, they get 1000 XP. A good bottle of Scotch and it’s 2000.
Other awesome gifts? A Dice tower, a GC to Amazon or DriveThruRPG so I can pick out my own stuff, a GC to a restaurant my family enjoys or something hand-crafted and related to either the games we’re playing or the person who made it.


What say you? What do you as GMs like to receive as gifts? What’s the coolest gift one of your players has ever given you?

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