Sponsor Shout Out: Noble Knight Games

Thanksgiving has come and gone here in the states and today is that traditional day of going bonkers with shopping for mildly increased savings! Woo Black Friday!

Personally, I don’t like to end up in a retail scrum if I can help it. I do the bulk of my holiday shopping online. And that is exactly where our long-time sponsor Noble Knight Games exists for most of us! They do have a physical store in Janesville, WI if you’re in that area. The great bulk of the world’s population is not in Janesville however, and that’s where Noble Knight’s website comes in to play.

Since 1997 Noble Knight Games has been serving the needs of thousands of gamers worldwide. They specialize in both new and out-of-print RPG’s, Board Games, War Games Collectible Card Games, Miniatures and all things game-related.

One of the great things I can say about these folks is that I’ve used them personally. I’ve ordered both in and out of print product from their site and I’ve sold games to them in exchange for credit. I’m a customer by choice and I personally stand behind this company.  Noble Knight Games always delivers what they promise. They ship super-fast and when I’ve had questions they have always had excellent, fast and friendly customer service.

They have a huge selection of over 100,000 unique products, and when they say it’s in stock, they mean it – no vapor inventory! I can’t stand ordering something only to find out its back-ordered for two weeks or not available with no clue as to when it will be.

In print or out-of-print they have tons of RPGs, board games, card games, toys, miniatures, wargames and more. You’ll find discounted pricing on most in-print games and they’ve got fair and reasonable prices on their out-of-print and rare items. NKG ships worldwide and they know how to package your order so that it arrives safely with no damage.

Have some games you’re looking to trade in for something new or just grab some cash? Check out their trading and selling your games section – I’ve done it before and it’s easy and fast. They provide the shipping labels, you box your games up and that’s it. For their used and rare products they’ve got a clearly spelled out rating system – another feature I like, and one they stick too.

Noble Knight Games have a weekly e-mail newsletter featuring new and rare finds and they’ll even handle special requests for you. Contact them at nobleknight@nobleknight.com with questions or requests.

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