Upgrade Wars news and announcing Growing Geeks!

All kinds of cool things going on around here! First, I’ve got a little teaser for you about the next podcast to hit the TCPN:

Click this link to hear the Growing Geeks teaser! Growing Geeks is a podcast where Tristan and I explore parenthood from a geeky perspective. We’re both geeks, and we appear to be raising some awesomely geeky kids as well. We’ll have tips, news items, a Topic (with a capital T) we cover each show and more. What can you expect from Growing Geeks? How about a discussion on games and kids, or how to make your own psuedo-snot using SCIENCE! Which comic books are best for kids and why? That’s just a very quick sampling of what we have planned for you!

We’ll have a logo, an RSS feed and some iTunes information in the next few weeks as we get the first few episodes ironed out and online. While we’re doing all that, we also want to hear from YOU! Email us at growinggeeks@trollitc.com and let us know what you’d like to hear on the show! Looking for a bit of geeky parenting advice? Ask away!

Next, Jeremy has come through with a great Upgrade Wars logo!

The game is progressing very nicely. In fact, it’s progressed to the point where I have a graphic rich prototype that I’m going to be shopping around to publishers starting… well, starting yesterday with my first attempt. Having run the publishing gauntlet before with works of fiction, I’m fully prepared to get reactions ranging from complete indifference through cautious optimism and everywhere in between.

Upgrade Wars Prototype

On the left, the 12 .WAR cards representing the giant robots you can print. In the middle, the four starter decks comprised of a printer, 10 Constructor.WAR cards and 2 Bot.WAR cards. On the right, 8 .UPG cards for upgrading your giant robots. On the top right, the randomizer deck.

On the whole I’m quite happy with this prototype. The text for the cards came out a bit small in some instances, but it’s a prototype so I’ll live with it. As for the game – I think it has come a long way and now plays very well! I’m also taking it as a good sign that I want to play the game just to play the game – it’s damned fun.

And that is the randomly cool news I have for you. If you’re in the states, have a great Thanksgiving! If not, enjoy the rest of your week!


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