Realm of LARP – The show you didn’t know you needed to see!

Live Action Role Playing – or LARP for short, is one of those hobbies that’s so much fun to explore, but just doesn’t translate well on to the big or small screen. Generally whenever this topic is explored it’s not handled well and all the old “look, nerds!” tropes come to the front.

Thankfully, we now have Realm of LARP to give us a respectful, fun and often funny look at LARPing as a hobby and a much closer look at the folks who enjoy it. Created by Victor Varnado and featured on the Nerdist – Realm of Larp is a project Victor created from inside the hobby and it really shows. I’ve embedded the first episode here and it’s definitely worth 10 minutes of your time.


Want to really get into Victor’s motivation for creating this series? You’re in luck! Victor will be on the Indie Talks podcast tomorrow. He was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about gaming, LARPing, Realm of LARP and of course, appropriate snacks.

Check out the entire 11 episode run of Realm of LARP! As it turns out, Thanksgiving in the states is in just two days and this is the perfect way to spend about 2 hours digesting.

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