Upgrade Wars developer diary – new cards, new logo coming, NaGaDeMon

I’d love to say it’s been a long haul to get here, but actually, Upgrade Wars has been trucking along quite quickly! I’ve gotten even more feedback on the rules, with clarifications both provided and asked for. And I got these:

The card artwork is also coming along nicely, although finding some public domain or CC licensed images is proving problematic. Ever try finding a scifi wall? How about futuristic, mechanized artillery? It isn’t easy!

For a thorough description of Upgrade Wars and a look at the latest publicly available iteration of the manual, check out the Board Game Geek site. The basics: Far future, giant 3d printers making massive fighting robots for ritualized combat. The game is something of a deck builder, with some tabletop tactical combat elements as well.

I’ve taken this up for the NaGaDeMon challenge and I’m cranking away on it. I hope to have this bit done (minus a few things I’m waiting on other people for) by mid-November, so I can take up a 2nd project as part to of NaGaDeMon.

Here’s some art and comparison! On the top is the original, hand crafted (i.e. cut out by me) card, shoved into an old M:TG sleeve. Below that are the 1st printed prototype and what will be the 2nd printed prototype.

I’m no graphic designer, as you can see – however the new cards are still miles ahead of the old ones. Iconography has been added, which works like this (using the Glider for an example) from top to bottom, left to right:

Cost of card, Goo cost, Upgrade Value, Attack Value, Defense  Value.

  • Cost of card: How many cards you must discard from your 5 card hand in order to purchase a copy of the Glider.WAR file for your massive, 3d printer.
  • Goo cost: How much Nano-Goo you must have saved up (done by taking cards from your hand and putting them in your ‘goo pile’) to spend on printing this file.
  • Upgrade Value: Each .UPGrade file you apply to a War Bot has a UV. The total UV applied to any War Bot must be equal to or less than the UV value on a War Bot card.
  • Attack Value: How much damage this particular War Bot does.
  • Defensive Value: How much damage this particular War Bot can take before it is destroyed.

Much easier to read in a poker-card sized card. I’ve included a few more cards here as well as the newly designed card backing (which may change shortly)! Some of these are still works in progress.

Thanks to Jeff Preston and Adam Dickstein for the art! Jeff’s is from the A Terrible Idea 108 art bits project that was kickstarted last year. Adam very generously donated some of his artwork to this project as well. All artwork used with permission and is copyright the original artist.

Also in the works, Jeremy Kostiew is going to be producing the logo for Upgrade Wars! Check out his other work now. NOW!

2 thoughts on “Upgrade Wars developer diary – new cards, new logo coming, NaGaDeMon

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  1. Looking good! I’m rocking a card game for NaGa DeMon myself, but I’m still working on basic layouts, and have given no thought at all to artwork yet. I think I’ll let it into the wild for a few play tests before I spend hours trawling for art I can use…


  2. Thanks! I’ve covered the play test bit already, before I knew about NaGaDeMon – so that parts pretty much done in the large part (except for play testing the changes that prior play testing suggested).

    Now if I was only a better graphic designer!


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