The 6d6 RPG Advantage – by guest blogger Chris Tregenza

Editors Note: Chris and I were able to virtually sit down a week ago and discuss the 6d6 RPG kickstarter, among other things. I’ve asked him to do a guest post about this system and what makes it fun, fast and unique among other role playing games. 

Have You Got Potential and Advantages?

Potential and advantages: the two concepts crucial in making the 6d6 RPG fast, easy, and fun. Two concepts that make it flexible enough to handle any setting. Two concepts that make it special.

There are no stats in the 6d6 RPG, not class abilities, no pre-defined skill lists. There are only Advantages.

Each Advantage is simple, costing a single Potential to use, but their power comes from how they are used and combined. From piloting a spaceship to gutting a dragon, you are free to use and combine Advantages how you want. The only restriction is that you must be able to explain to your fellow players how this combination of Advantages helps the character achieve their action.

Potential lets you break away from the traditional restrictions of a round with its limiting move actions and standard actions.

In the 6d6 RPG, an action is whatever you want it to be. Spend Potential to combine Advantages to get the best from your character’s abilities.

With Potential, you control how much you can do, in what order, and how many times. Put everything in a single precise shot, fire off several minor spells, run like hell, or save it all for the next round.

Potential is needed for all actions, even defensive ones.

A few Advantages (mostly armor) cost nothing to use but on their own are weak. That element of risk, the choice to go all-in or keep some Potential in hand, puts life & death decisions about your character in your control.

Each turn, a character regains some Potential.

As with the rest of the system, you are in control. Potential can be recouped at the start of your turn, at the end, or in the middle. Both Potential points do no need to be recovered at the same time, allowing a character to recoup one Potential, spend it in an action, and recoup their second Potential.

Recovering Static Potential is harder.

A character who does nothing, i.e. takes no actions during their turn, can recover additional Potential, including Static Potential.

The Keys to Fast, Easy and Fun Gaming

With Advantages and Potential underpinning everything in the system, that’s all a player needs to learn. 

And for GMs, it is an incredibly quick and easy system to create for. New Advantages can be created in moments and mixed with Advantages from published settings. Creating a unique setting for your players has never been easier.

Amazing Kickstarter Success

The 6d6 RPG is live on Kickstarter at the moment an hit nearly 50% funding within two days.

The core rule book is backed up by four already published adventures that cover everything from fantasy to horror to science fiction to whodunit mysteries. Five complete settings are coming out in 2013 with an equally varied range of settings.

Don’t delay. Grab your copy of the 6d6 RPG now. –

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